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1 September 2008

i hv been to the "official" nigerian website. quite low standard, appauling to say the least considering that it will almost cetainingly and SHOULD be the 1st impression people should have of nigeria. i tried to leave feed back for them to express my disgust n distress but it didn't go thru, even the content left so much to be desired. some1 needs to get off their fat ass n fix that site pronto. the only plus i saw was maybe this site is where to go to download official forms 'n' all IF u can download them, and they also confirmed the main indeginous languages spoken in nigeria(see previous post).
well here it is 4 ur viewing displeasure

this other site howeva is more lovely, better and up to date information on most of the going ons in nigeria.
my fav i'll hv 2 say is d pidgin speak on the website, if u r not nigerian it will mystify u, but i think its really ingenious, they hv all these pidgin words and meanings etc.
if they can't fix the dammed official website, they should think of adopting this one. 'nuff said.
for ur viewin pleasure

anotha website that i found and checked that is also good but not up to scratch with the 1st website i informed u of earlier.

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