Remake Your Ready To Wear 2019 (#RYRTW2019) Sewing Challenge

17 January 2019

Hey peeps,

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I trust this blog meets you all well.

I don't know about you guys but I wasn't all that pleased with my sewing last year, quite fine I made some nice garments that I've had in rotation but my numbers are still down, I don't think I stuck to my secret goal of making one thing a month.

I'm hoping that this challenge will solve that for me, and then some. I'll make things I'll actually wear, use up some of my stash.
 But, with this challenge, I've made public my intention to try and sew one thing a month which is perfect for a slow sewist like me.

So, what's this challenge all about?

I'm calling it the #REMAKEYOURRTW2019 (RTW, in this case, being store-bought clothes) or #RYRTW2019 for short.


Basically, it's getting 6 of your most loved RTW items, that you like the style and fit of, then, attempting to REMAKE them. The challenge starts Jan 7th to end the 10th of June 2019.
There are no winners in this challenge, indeed you are all winners for participating, it is supposed to be a fun challenge.

With this challenge, I'm hoping to,

- Encourage/coax more people into giving pattern drafting/self-drafting a try.

- Encourage people with patterns to be more daring and see how they can hack sewing patterns to remake their favourite RTW items.

- Encourage more sewing of styles that we love because they fit and flatter us.

- Have a more realistic and wearable wardrobe that fits into our lifestyles.

-  Help people learn how to copy clothing they see.

 Because, if at some point in the distant future you decide to take sewing up as a business, you'll surely have customers who want you to copy something they've seen on the runways, on a celebrity or even in RTW.
 It helps to know how to copy well so that you are not on these #whatigotvswhatiordered tags going around 不不不不

The rules are simple

- Go to my Instagram page and repost the picture so that I know you're interested ( you never know which of your followers would be interested in joining you.

- Ready your 6 items.

- Tag me on your post updates and use the #RYRTW2019 tag so I can repost you makes.

I really truly hope you can all join in.
Please do watch my video to see which of my RTW garments I'll be remaking.


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