Some Awesome Things You Need To Know About Home Sewists

16 June 2019

To start off this topic right, we have to get into the meaning of the word Sewist then home sewist”.

the word sewist doesn't appear in any dictionary, but the Urban Dictionary defines it as

Street slang for a badass seamstress. A mix of hobbyist meets seamstress. It is also a word that is despised by many seamstresses in Free Speech!

Some also define it as a term created to replace the word sewer” which brings to mind & is most often thought to be sewage. 
Well, I love the term Sewist and refer to myself as such because it encompasses both male & female sewer of every skill level.

Now a home sewist  is one who sews mostly for leisure and pleasure, in the comfort of their home.

As we have dispensed with the definitions, allow me to tell you of some many wonderful things about these group of individuals.

1. We are superheroes
The art or act of turning a regular 'ol flat 2D piece of fabric into the different creations you see, is..... nothing.......... short of magic.
Doesn't matter if it's home decor, a quilt or babies clothes, it's MAGIC.
it takes a lot of creative juice, patience, and skill to sew, and for this we applaud ourselves.
Even Edna agrees, LOL.

2. Accept our bodies the way they are
Honestly, for a sewist, this is a no brainer. And I know I sound like a broken record because I say this all the time but, if we are not truthful to ourselves about our body quirks, then we'll never make anything that fits.
So, we accept our bodies and sew around the stuff we don't like so much.

3. We have good coping mechanisms
It is a known fact that sewing is recommended to people suffering from anxiety and depression.
It is believed that the act of focusing one task at a time, which sewing does make you do, helps the brain and mind to wonder less and by extension helps individuals cope with stresses of everyday life.
I talk more about this is my post about the benefits of sewing.

4. Consider sewing & buying fabrics separate hobbies
This is true because the size of our fabric stashes and the amount of time it'd actually take us to cut and sew through them doesn't add up.
Ergo, separate hobbies, NO?????????????

5. Don't want to mend your clothes
I think this speaks for itself loud and clear, and I also don't wanna make stuff for you.

6. For most of us, this is just a hobby 
There is this assumption or expectation by some people who don't sew, that, this sewing skill for you is a stepping stone to being a fashion designer or owning a sewing pattern company, etc.

Yes, sewing can be a big business if you choose to make it that, you can even become an influencer with a blog that gets thousands of views a day, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But, for most, it's JUST A HOBBY.

7. Are great at starting all over 
Another indispensable skill for a sewist.
You see, sewing = mistakes, whatever your skill level, you'll hate it but it's just one of those facts of life.
So, as a sewist, you need to learn to start afresh when you have accidentally ripped through your seams, cut into your already sewn projects with your rotary cutter or even sewn the wrong pattern pieces together.
The stories I have on this topic alone LOL.

8. Are mostly interested in your garment construction
We have this bad habit of touching people inappropriately because we find the construction of your garment, bag, etc more interesting than what you are telling us about where you got it because as sewists we believe

“I can make that”

This was supposed to be a fun post, leave a comment if you can relate to anything I wrote.

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#MEMADEMAY2019: DAY 15/31

It's funny how mistakes work out and look like they were planned from the beginning LOL.

That's what happened to me with this shirt, I was looking to make some plain solid coloured tops, so I unearth this tan/beige fabric from my stash.
Unlike me, I usually buy 3 yards of fabric minimum because I never know what I'm going to make, so with 3 yards, I think I'm covered for most things.

But I had only 1 yard of the tan fabric, I'd bought it a while back so getting more was completely out of the question. I ended up getting the black fabric to save the day.

And as such this top was born. Looking like it was meant to be.

it's my first complete shirt, makes like these are why I upgraded my sewing machine, can someone say AUTOMATIC BUTTONHOLE? LOL LOL

See you guys on my next #memademay offering.

P.S lets not talk about my pose there, let's not...LOL LOL LOL

#MEMADEMAY2019: DAY 12/31

14 June 2019

I remember this dress and my feelings while I was making it and when I finished.

INCREDIBLE is the only thing that comes to mind. I most definitely felt like SUPERWOMAN.

You see, this was the first time I'd ever looked at a magazine, picture, etc and thought

       “I’m going to make that”


I dunno if any of you guys know a certain phenomenal actress by the name of Kerry Washington, she's also a style idol of mine.

Anyways I saw her in this dress and had to, had to, have it. I was feeling myself & my new found sewing skills, LOL.

Of course, I had no real idea of the concept of fabric choices yet, as you can see, her dress looks like its made from a light and flowy fabric, mine is African wax print, with satin for the insides of the inverted pleats. 

Then I made single fold bias binding for the black parts of her dress, imagine making all that bias binding, without the bias binding maker tool..... I burnt myself more times than I care to remember.

But everyone loved it, I felt like the STAR of the show, at someone else's wedding mind you, ROFLMAO.

Now that I know more about fabric choices, I will say I've been tempted to remake this dress.
Maybe.............. Someday.


#MEMADEMAY2019: DAY 6/31

Hey peeps,

For me, I think this is my best and properly made woven pencil skirt.

I finally got my fit nailed down.

Most people think all there is to sewing, is just, SEWING..... and maybe some pattern drafting thrown in to round things up.

But if you sew, you know how incorrect this is, fabric choice & FITTTTTTTTTTT is so crucial to a complete make.

In this skirt, I figured that my darts need to be longer than the industry standard and I need 4 darts in the front so that my skirt has smoother curves.

Anyway, this is pretty much my office uniform, LOL. What's yours, if you have any?

But catch you guys on my next MEMADEMAY post.


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