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Thank you for checking out my creative space and wanting to get to know more about me.

My name is Chioma and I want you to consider this space as a haven of knowledge, learning, sharing, and family.

I started this blog as a way of documenting and most importantly sharing my love for bright colours and classic designs done in my unique style to create the wardrobe of my dreams.

Sewing really took a center stage in my life when one day it finally hit me that I couldn't quite get anything in the shops to fit me right, either they fit the waist but not the hips and vice versa...sound familiar???????
And also I found out that I couldn't afford the price tags of the fancy clothes I wanted. LOL

Soooooo when life gives you lemons........YOU LEARN TO SEW.

What I really love most about sewing is the freedom of expression, like, you can either make apparels from sewing patterns or draft your very own from scratch, you can quilt, make bags, etc

I choose to mostly make my own patterns because it's another skill in my repertoire and there's more design freedom IMHO. 
I say mostly make my own patterns because I don't have anything against sewing patterns so I haven't written them off completely.

Take your sewing to the next level with my tutorials that guide you through drafting your own patterns and in-depth sewing techniques to help boost your sewing skills and confidence. 

Hopefully, you start viewing your creative DIY makes as a part of your overall style language as we discuss fashion trends and ways of incorporating them into our #memade wardrobe.

I also keep you informed of all the latest challenges, hashtags and news going on in this wonderful sewing community, yessssss for us sewing is FUNNNNNN and the more the merrier.

Sooooooo, don't be a stranger, join my email list, follow any one of my socials......... do something about your love and desire for fashion, style, and creativity like I did almost six years ago.

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For anything else.

                                           HAPPY SEWING

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