The end of the dawn

21 September 2008


i just found out 2day that funmi iyanda, the hostest for the the topmost Nigerian talk show and winner of so many awards will be saying her final goodbyes to the show by the end of this year ( sob, sob). the show will definitely air on NTA till the end of September and more online, there are even talks of re-runs.
she has been doing the show for 10 long years now and as she wrote in her blog she has been and conquered this medium and wants to brave a fresh new frontier which i am sure is what got her into new dawn in the 1st place.
although we r going to miss her on the show we do wish her all the best in her new endeavour, whatever it might be and eagerly await her new and improved self.
i did ask her if the show was going to be taken over by some1 else and given a new name, i will inform u guys as soon as she gets back to me. but she did hint about coming out wit a book, will also keep u posted.

all the best madame

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