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20 September 2008


after the previous topic which was soooo serious i decided to lighten things up wit( an it should have been done much earlier, trust me) a sequel to my lets talk fashion topic.
now the site is dedicated to 9ja related topics, so most people might ask why was i rambling on about fashion in other parts of the world.

well i strongly believe in knowing where u come from to know where u are going to, any clearer now? lol. this is not to say in any way mind u that 9ja people where not gasp..... wearing clothes by then, its just that there is no proper documentation, we 4give the outside world for only just realizing and relating to our numerous talents.

the 9ja fashion industry has recently been re branded and repacked especially for the western persuasion. i think we have realized that these people need it in small doses n they will finally get there, lol.
i say rebranding bcos Nigeria and Nigerians in my humble opinion (cough, cough) are some of the most fashion conscious people in Africa n dare i say it even the world.
how do i kw this?, under what authority do i make these statements.
well i dont kw? maybe its the way 9ja people dig incessantly for the next new fabric to sew clothe when them go use go traditional wedding o, or the way them dey baff up to go church, even to go pick pickin from school turn baffing competition.
i have so much memories from back in the day, and i wld put up some pics of my mum if i wasn't sure she'd rip me a new 1, thanks but I'd like to still be her child after this here blogging session.

in my search to dig up on the history on the Nigerian fashion industry, i was often quiet frustrated as it is an almost impossible endeavor, is it that people dont yet realize the power of the Internet and pictures? note 2 self keep on trying
i mean its a shame really for a country that is doing so much in the fashion world not only in the African fashion scene, that there isn't like a website that lists or even has links to these websites, i mean it comes down to good business scene, South Africa has 1. oh and don't even get me started on tryna find a website for interior decorators, mega nightmares.

note 2 people, if for whatever reason or excuse u do not have a website pls try creating a page on facebook or myspace, preferably facebook,(groups are free to start up on facebook) its got more people i think and its all the rage now, how do u think these 9ja artist are getting such widespread notoriety.

the Nigerian fashion week 2008 just concluded in Lagos, here is the official website, on it you can find out how to register etc.
well according to the website the event ended 3 days ago on the 17th of September it was a spring summer collection i can't be too sure anymore, all m seeing is circles now.
note 2 self, do we have an autumn/winter collection?, we could infuse African designs into winter clothing.must check further.
at press time i still could not find any videos or pics of the even, not even 4rm pure foto's, but will keep u guys updated asap.

so its not totally bad news. i have some good news. since i couldn't find any website that listed the designers or their websites, i took it upon myself to give a hand in this direction. i by no means have all the designers listed just the ones making all the noise now, putting your country on the map, and, looky here, some even have pages and groups on facebook. Drum roll please

Aimas aimas.co.uk
Ade bakare adebakare.com
Adebayo jones facebook group
Amaka osakwe
Chichi&chichiE chichiandchichie.com
Cranberry lovecranberry.com
facebook group
Dudumoko dudumoko.com
Deola sagoe deolasagoedesign.com
facebook group
Emmy collins emmycollins.com
Ere dappa
Folake folarin
Gloss glossattitude.com
Gureje gureje.com
House of jola houseofjola.com
House of bunor
House of maufechi
Kosibah kosibah.co.uk
facebook group
L'shandi lshandi.com
Lola faturoti lolafaturoti.com
Odio mimonet
Peridot and ruby facebook group
Soul and thread
Tiffany amber
Tailor made
Valerie davids
Younass facebook group
Zed eye

some jewelery designers of note are

Jewelery by anne facebook group
Jewel by lisa

my fav accessory designer

Azaria facebook group

and i am only putting up this interior designer becos they have a website which i think is uber important for an interior designer especially in 9ja where their trend is mostly on the up and coming unlike their fashion designer counterparts

I O furniture

if u want to also check out the styles of new and some of the designers above mentioned check out these magazines

bhf magazine facebook group
fashion africa facebook page

more good news(i told ya), Nigerian has been chosen as the 41st country to take part in the world fashion week,organized by the world fashion association based in Hollywood which is also the regulatory body for the world fashion industry, the opening event is taking place in Hollywood in November 2008 while the main event in Feb 2009 in New York city. the event was made possible by the legendary gold which host the Nigerian fashion week.
any lucky designer to represent our country must 1st present their collection in the Nigerian fashion week 2008( c y m so upset there's no pics, videos or news yet) which the president of the world fashion association Mr Paco De James is rumored to be expected to attend.
also 9ja is expected to launch the world fashion week-Nigeria, later on in the year, dunno when tho seeing as we are already in September gerrit. lol.

and i would like to add that at press time all the info supplied was correct and up to date, with regards to the designers websites, i cannot however say that they will be up for ever, some might be undergoing construction or for whatever reason close all together.

i am sorry i dont have any pictures pls do click on the links that takes you directly to the websites, try and join their groups these are really talented individuals " if we use our thing take clean mouth, another person go use am take clean their leg" get it already? lol
i will keep u updated on new and upcoming designer and (sighing) their websites.



  1. Wow!!did know sum1 is doing an extraordinary work here in naija,u r a trail blazer I am proud of u and ur work.its a shame we don't know what to do with what we have,I mean d(internet).I believe there r many out their craving for u.ur blog is indeed what d nigerian fashion industry needs to get to its pinnacle.keep writing we will read and share it,keep writing till chi9ja becomes a household fashion blog home and abroad. U r an inspiration.thank u.

  2. @ N8trendz
    thank u so much, it feels so good 2 b appreciated.


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