#MEMADEMAY2019: DAY 23/31

6 July 2019

Hey peeps,
If you didn't know already dresses are some of my favourite things to sew, but, as it turns out I discovered and talked about in my review of my first memeademay I don't have that many.

My favourite type to sew are fit & flare dresses, they fit me well IMHO.

But this dress is a remake of my all-time favourite dress( and here I was thinking I haven't remade anything) which I think I have almost worn threadbare ROFLMAO and I wore to kick off memaemay.

Well, nothing much to say about this, its a dress, fits nice, also made from African wax fabric (Ankara).
Oh, I also tried to spice things up with a little mix & match prints.

I will definitely be making more, and I'll be sure to let you guys know all about it.

See you guys in the next post.

#MEMADEMAY2019: DAY 20/31

Unfortunately, these pictures don't really do this outfit any justice IMHO.

The top/light jacket (if you can call it that) and the skirt are both memade, so you can imagine my joy at wearing more than one memade item in an outfit.

The top is made from African wax print (Ankara) and I did some flat piping on the front yoke and used double fold piping around the neck and front edge.

It was a quick and easy make, just something to throw on over tops. Dolman sleeve sleeves typically are, as I've made one before and blogged about it as well.

The skirt is a whole other story, I made it during the memade challenge itself, which the creators caution that that isn't what the challenge is about.

But, I wore my yellow pencil skirt and was reminded of how easy and quick that was to make, then, also, I wanted more days like this, where I get to wear more that one item of memade in an outfit.

I also really loved the quilted look of the fabric, sadly, all they had left was what I bought and it wasn't much.

I also bought a black and animal print fabric to make more of these midi length pencil skirt, which I'm really enjoying.

#MEMADEMAY2019: DAY 17/31

Oh my oh my, the story of this top is another one where a mistake turns into something good.

This top was part of my #2018makenine items, it's actually a famous MaCalls pattern m7542 which I saw on MiMi G and I decided I'd take a stab at drafting it.

And my woes with sleeves were very evident in my cutting of this pattern, I think I cut the armholes out twice and the sleeves maybe like 3 times, it's still not a PERFECT fit but I can live with it and it's one of my fav tops now.

If you're interested in other things I choose for my make nine or just want to find out what the hell a #makenine challenge is, you can watch them here.

So far I've never repeated any of my makes, well except for me trying to perfect my pencil skirt technique.

But like you can tell from all the posing I'm doing here, LOL, I like this crop top length, so I do intend to make more of this top to go with the high waist pants/trousers I keep dreaming I make.

Hopefully, before the end of this year, the dream turns into reality.

See you guys in the next post.


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