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6 February 2019

Hello everyone,

Even though it's February and not my first post of the year, this is a post about my new year resolutions (mostly as pertains to sewing, this blog and my Youtube channel), so,  I'm officially wishing everyone a VERY VERY HAPPY START TO THE NEW YEAR.

I've already made a new year post on my youtube channel but I didn't talk much about my plans on how to grow and expand my blog, which started making me feel like I might not be taking this blog as serious as I should, which really isn't the case.

I    do feel like the blog is growing, but not at a steady pace, things are very bumpy right now if my google analytics is anything to go by.

But, I have received some offers for guest posts etc, which I'm not against but I must say I'm really stumped as to how to get the blog upward at a steady pace, with Youtube I know posting at least once a week will get you somewhere but blogging feels so much different especially with my niche.

So, while I'm certain I'll be posting content at least once a week because of my Youtube, I just feel like, I should give more to the blog and people who follow it.

Last year I did a post on fashion week trends which received a lot of compliments, maybe posts around the fashion industry might not be a bad idea.

This is turning out to be a cry for help than an actual resolutions video, LOL.

Also, I got an offer from someone to post ads on my site, they asked for rates, which I know nothing about, so, I haven't gotten back to them yet.

Is this a good thing? Does it mean my blog is getting noticed? How does one decipher frauds online? Please if anyone can point me to a blog post where I can find answers, I'll be so indebted.


  • Will be posting once a week at least
  • Might be open to niche related guest posts(is this a good idea even?)
  • I'm open to advert opportunities
  • Also will be doing other posts around fashion & style etc

If anyone is interested, here's my new year resolutions video on my Youtube channel. In it, I talk about the sewing challenge I started and invite everyone to join it. Take a look

OK then, what are your new year resolutions? It doesn't have to be sewing, blog or youtube related, drop it here let's hold each other accountable.


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