How to sew an exposed zipper 2

18 March 2019

 Hello everyone,

Here is another zipper tutorial.

It is another way of sewing an exposed zipper, and you can literally put it anywhere, in the middle of anything, like bags etc to create a faux or functioning zipper.

I hope you find it useful and please do share if you use the tutorial.   

Here are other tutorials in the series

- centered zipper

- invisible zipper with a regular zipper foot  

- exposed zipper 1                                         

Also please do leave a comment if there's a particular zipper you'd like help with.


DIY Makeup Bag Tutorial

14 March 2019

Hello everyone,

A makeup bag of some description seems most essential in a woman's arsenal.

I don't know about you guys but I had my first one stolen, the second one I bought at Sperdrugs store in England, over ten years ago.

it's so ragged and busted, and, I just remember saying to myself,


You should be ashamed of being seen with that makeup bag especially when it's so easy to remake and you have a sewing challenge going on about remaking your old & beloved stuff.

So, I made a video for you guys, hope you enjoy and recreate.


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