Paralympic gold 2008

22 September 2008


so with the paralympic games finished on the 17th of September in Beijing, china, u can barely turn a corner in England or flip on d tv witout so much of ohhh how gr8 England did n so forth n so on. i felt so sad cos i thot men when 9ja won change n start 2 dey give physical challenged people their due respect n not pity.

filled wit righteous indignation, i set forth wit trustee Google by my side to get unbiased news on the games, i went high n low 4 something, anything dat didn't hv 2 do with Britain n d games, and wat do u kw, other countries even 9ja took part and won medals, gold medals in this games. no be God.

now about that thing of not knowing where u r going until u kw where u hv been? lol. here's how the games began.

video of some of the countries in the starting line up her here

from the final tally of countries and their medals, Nigerian at made it half way thru d list of countries to take 30th position with 4 gold and silver medals and 1 bronze medal totaling 9 medals all 2gether.


Ishaku Ruel won the 1st gold medal for Nigeria in the power lifting discipline set a new world record in the men's -48kg category by lifting a stunning 169.0kg.
the 40yrs old father who lost his limbs to polio says he had been training for this event for 8yrs and his wife and kids are quite proud of his accomplishments.
so r we brother, so are we. congratulations

Ejike Lucy Ogechukwu also won a gold medal for us, setting another world record on Sept 10th also for power lifting in the women's -48kg category lifting a stunning 130.0kg.
she also hols the world record of 127.5kg in the women's 44kg category which she set in Athens paralympics.
many congrats madame.

Iyazi Eucharia Njideka also won another 2 gold medals in the discus and shot put events(can any1 say super woman?)
she set a paralympic record of 35.21m in the discus throwing event on the 16th.
the enugu resident(everybody give it up 4 d east side, coal city crew,lol) said she was surprised by her win at the discus because all her training and hopes were set fully on the shot put.
a total of two gold medals undoubtedly makes here the best Nigerian athlete at the games.

Nneji Amoge Victoria won the silver medal on the 14th in womens -67.50kg powerlifting category. she said due to her injuries sustained during training she never thot she would go this far and thus her silver medal is golden to her and she will for ever remember the joys of Beijing 2008.
many congratulations madame.

Anozie Grace Ebere who set the paralympic title for women's +82.50kg powerlifting at 165.00kg ended up with a silver medal . she argued and cried that she deserved the gold as she and the chinese lady who held the former world record of 160kg both lifted the same weight of 165.00kg but faltered in their third attempt of 167.50kg.
the gold medal was finally awarded the Chinese lady although Grace was upset she refused to carry the case further as she claimed no Nigeria's were officials and there was no 1 2 press her case. she is however elated that her record wasn't broken.

Adesoji Adekunle who is at least partially blind brought home another silver medal for Nigeria. he holds the world record of 10.75sec in the men's 100m race which he set in Athens 2004, but alas this time he came second with 10.95sec.

the athlete blamed his loss of the gold to a hamstring injury he sustained 20mins b4 the game. imagine that operating on half tank 'n' still kicking ass. big congrats.

another Nigerian powerlifter Aligekwe Obioma Daleth competed in the men's 100kg and placed 2nd with a lift of 235kg (omo all those poundy plus santana plus eba no waste at all at all for all these powerlifters them body). congrats sir.

and last but by no means least


Igiti Patience Aghimile claimed her bronze medal in the -60kg women's powerlifting with a lift of110.0kg.thank u and congrats.

now while i am ecstatic at Nigeria's performance in the games i must complain of the lack of press, video's and pics especially on the Internet. these people r hero's, and these events r to b kept alive to further inspire people. anyway i believe we r getting there.

here r some more pics


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  1. HIP HIP HOORAY .....9ja finally we r beginning to shine everywhere...i didnt even know there where respresentatives for 9ja in the olympics....and the 9jerians taking over newcastle more light is bound to be shed on 9ja...we deserve it.....HIP HIP HOORAY


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