Sew and Tell: An honest review of my first high waist culottes

27 May 2018

I remember when I started hearing the word culottes thrown around in the fashion sphere, I kept going "what the heck are those?" till someone pointed them out to me and I said...........but those are palazzo pants, and, they are, but every recycle has to come with a new name to be bonafide recycle, but you'll forgive me if I use the names interchangeably

How to sew up the awesome Spring/Summer 2018 fashion trends

14 May 2018

Today I'm excited to talk some fashion trends that graced the designer runways. Considering where I live I'm usually most excited about the spring/summer trends because those are things I can/will wear.

I know some people cannot abide runway fashion, either because they don't follow fashion trends, or, they find some of the trends these designers come up with questionable.
 And, let's face it sometimes these designers come up with unrealistic and quite frankly annoying trends IMHO, case in point, the whole see through to your underwear(if you're wearing any) trend, ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! please don't get me started😃😃.
Some people are also put off by the combination of outfit pieces, that just make no real-world sense, my take, treat some of these fashion shows like art exhibitions(which, fashion is an art form) it's not always gonna conform to real life, just hone in on one item of clothing you like on the model and think of how you would style that particular piece.

This is why we regular folk rely on the trusty high street for their wearable, real-life albeit poorly constructed, cheaper fabric interpretations.


5 May 2018

So I'm back for the usual roundup and while we're at it do check up the posts from previous months round up as some challenges do run for 6 months or the whole year.


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