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1 September 2008

hello 1nce again,

its me back with more good stuff for y'all.
so i don't kw about u guyz out there but m soooooooo proud of being Nigerian i wear it with a badge of honor. that being said it doesn't stop the confusion or sheer panic when people ask me "what language do u speak in nigeria?", "how many languages do u speak", "watz d population of nigeria?" d list of questions just go on 'n' on. it's not that i don't think its important 2 kw but 9ja is mine, get me?........ whether i kw all this info or not, lol.
so i took it upon myself to educate( fear not its not a history class) people on my gr8 country, via the famous wikipedia........ of course.
ehhhhhhhhhh i found most of their info correct execpt for a few which i will address now:
official languages: igbo, youruba and hausa. dont kw where they got the rest 4rm.
and they said something about lack of medical care due to brain drain of doctors, lol lol lol. m just thinking of all d medical students that we turn out of universities every year, that hv no place to go cos of no jobs.
other than that most of it i was even surprised to hear. Una believe say 9ja get (gasp) 521 languages.
hmmmmmm note 2 self check which countries hv more, m sure china is right up there lol. i hv some chinese friends n bless i love them.
so m adding the links 4 people to go n read them up

this 1st link talks about 9ja in general,

this other one gives more insight in2 d languages
u kw i will say that i was quite happy 2 c a website about nigeria by nigerians that had this much info, although i dont kw if its the offical nigerian website 4rm the ministry of information.
note 2 self check up on that too.

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