Black people and cold don't mix?

27 September 2008

hello every1,

so i got up some mornings ago n realized that i was freezing, no problem there nothing a nice lonnnggg boiling hot shower wont solve, after my nice shower, i put on some lotion n proceeded to get ready for work.
as soon as i stepped outside d cold hit me like a ton of lead n i kept wondering y oh y till it occurred to me, duhhhhhhhh, its almost d end of September n d winter months r rolling in whether i like it or not, so quickly a little reminder to my self, stock up on d grease( only d best by d way, Palmer's hard formula Shea butter) n remember to get some 4 ur bro's as well( big sis, wat can i say).
anyway as i get 2 work i whine n complain about d cold n my friends at work look at me like m going crazy, no....... the weather is quiet nice(at this point i shld mention that they r all white lol), the only people who seem 2 concur wit my predicament r my black friends n we all come to d same conclusion we come 2 at this time of the yr. "black people don't do cold" hahahahahaha.

i 4 one would not let the matter b, surely m not over exaggerating d shiver that is running thru my bones, n all my friends n that many black people in d world cannot just b making all this up, y wld we? 4 d attention factor? wat attention? people think we r saying rubbish when we complain of the cold.
there is only 1 thing left 4 it, research the world wide web, there must be some scientific proof to attest to this phenomenon(yeah u heard me right lol lol lol), people just hvn't heard of it n some1 in d PR department is not doing anything about spreading d word, so other folks including us d black folks..... okkkkkk i admit it, me don't feel like we r losing our minds.

after dayz of digging n prodding all i cld come up wit were physiological reasons, no hard evidence of say genes or blood group. we r supposed to make do with the explanation that we feel more cold bcos we hv longer limbs n fuller lips, that gives more surface area for the cold to catch us wit em hand, abi?( pleaseeeeeeeeee i am about to burst a vein) i kw some real tall white folks n they dont feel d cold d way i do. they hv howeva made breakthru or discoveries in d agriculture field as cold temperatures affects d crops especially corn.

it seems to me that not enuff research has been done on the subject matter and or nobody is taking it serious enuff. i kw nobody thinks its a matter of life n death but wldn't it go a long way to a better understanding of ourselves if it was something that cld b rectified? or maybe in d process of looking for answers on d topic we stumble upon something else, that is science after all.

so m afraid people until some1 does more research or finds something concrete we r just gonna hv to keep stocking up on d grease this time of d yr, every yr, as per usual.


Tourisim revolution

22 September 2008

hi there,

i am a real optimist when it comes to 9ja altho i also think every society needs d pessimists 2 always keep them on their tippy toes, lol.
the Nigerian tourism has taken a huge bust with in inception of the sat nav for vehicles as well as mobile phones.
the director-general for the Nigerian tourism development cooperation (NTDC) Mr Otunba Runsewe launched the initiative on the 8th of Sept with the Nigerian press in attendance. this is a view of wat went on. i need 2 give Ekaette a smack, doesn't she c those who r at least trying to do bera things for 9ja.
that aside i have visited the Nigerian tourism site, pretty good considering wat i expected, check it out yourself here. read up on the sat nav thang 'n' more its got hostels, hotels, guest house, maps beaches etc, imagine if all these places are actually accessible via d sat nav thing. yeppy.

the company(Nigerian i might add) that is making this a reality is 3dtechnologies(3dt). 4rm the website it all looks legit but i need 2 call my peeps in 9ja to find out how far, how much it cost n if i can be used on any ol' phone. it might b there but no 1 is gonna use it if it cost ridiculous amounts of money. get me?


Paralympic gold 2008


so with the paralympic games finished on the 17th of September in Beijing, china, u can barely turn a corner in England or flip on d tv witout so much of ohhh how gr8 England did n so forth n so on. i felt so sad cos i thot men when 9ja won change n start 2 dey give physical challenged people their due respect n not pity.

filled wit righteous indignation, i set forth wit trustee Google by my side to get unbiased news on the games, i went high n low 4 something, anything dat didn't hv 2 do with Britain n d games, and wat do u kw, other countries even 9ja took part and won medals, gold medals in this games. no be God.

now about that thing of not knowing where u r going until u kw where u hv been? lol. here's how the games began.

video of some of the countries in the starting line up her here

from the final tally of countries and their medals, Nigerian at made it half way thru d list of countries to take 30th position with 4 gold and silver medals and 1 bronze medal totaling 9 medals all 2gether.


Ishaku Ruel won the 1st gold medal for Nigeria in the power lifting discipline set a new world record in the men's -48kg category by lifting a stunning 169.0kg.
the 40yrs old father who lost his limbs to polio says he had been training for this event for 8yrs and his wife and kids are quite proud of his accomplishments.
so r we brother, so are we. congratulations

Ejike Lucy Ogechukwu also won a gold medal for us, setting another world record on Sept 10th also for power lifting in the women's -48kg category lifting a stunning 130.0kg.
she also hols the world record of 127.5kg in the women's 44kg category which she set in Athens paralympics.
many congrats madame.

Iyazi Eucharia Njideka also won another 2 gold medals in the discus and shot put events(can any1 say super woman?)
she set a paralympic record of 35.21m in the discus throwing event on the 16th.
the enugu resident(everybody give it up 4 d east side, coal city crew,lol) said she was surprised by her win at the discus because all her training and hopes were set fully on the shot put.
a total of two gold medals undoubtedly makes here the best Nigerian athlete at the games.

Nneji Amoge Victoria won the silver medal on the 14th in womens -67.50kg powerlifting category. she said due to her injuries sustained during training she never thot she would go this far and thus her silver medal is golden to her and she will for ever remember the joys of Beijing 2008.
many congratulations madame.

Anozie Grace Ebere who set the paralympic title for women's +82.50kg powerlifting at 165.00kg ended up with a silver medal . she argued and cried that she deserved the gold as she and the chinese lady who held the former world record of 160kg both lifted the same weight of 165.00kg but faltered in their third attempt of 167.50kg.
the gold medal was finally awarded the Chinese lady although Grace was upset she refused to carry the case further as she claimed no Nigeria's were officials and there was no 1 2 press her case. she is however elated that her record wasn't broken.

Adesoji Adekunle who is at least partially blind brought home another silver medal for Nigeria. he holds the world record of 10.75sec in the men's 100m race which he set in Athens 2004, but alas this time he came second with 10.95sec.

the athlete blamed his loss of the gold to a hamstring injury he sustained 20mins b4 the game. imagine that operating on half tank 'n' still kicking ass. big congrats.

another Nigerian powerlifter Aligekwe Obioma Daleth competed in the men's 100kg and placed 2nd with a lift of 235kg (omo all those poundy plus santana plus eba no waste at all at all for all these powerlifters them body). congrats sir.

and last but by no means least


Igiti Patience Aghimile claimed her bronze medal in the -60kg women's powerlifting with a lift of110.0kg.thank u and congrats.

now while i am ecstatic at Nigeria's performance in the games i must complain of the lack of press, video's and pics especially on the Internet. these people r hero's, and these events r to b kept alive to further inspire people. anyway i believe we r getting there.

here r some more pics


Surprise, surprise


i have been feeling down of l8, too much 2 do not enuff time, mistakes that can't b undone or rectified or would take a lifetime to do so.
anyhoo to cheer myself up i started browsing thru my fav 9ja website and i came across this heading and thot, more stuff i dont kw about 9ja, even wit all d legal ties i hv via my family.

its all here, pls feel free not 2 read it all at 1ce( lol rolling on d floor), u will understand when u get there. its just nice 2 kw there is a place i can go when i want a quick check up on something. i dont need 2 go all d way to the library to hunt down some book m not even sure exsists in d library.

note to self: check if this is d full constitution n find out if its on the offical 9ja website, by d govt. i mean.

happy reading.


The end of the dawn

21 September 2008


i just found out 2day that funmi iyanda, the hostest for the the topmost Nigerian talk show and winner of so many awards will be saying her final goodbyes to the show by the end of this year ( sob, sob). the show will definitely air on NTA till the end of September and more online, there are even talks of re-runs.
she has been doing the show for 10 long years now and as she wrote in her blog she has been and conquered this medium and wants to brave a fresh new frontier which i am sure is what got her into new dawn in the 1st place.
although we r going to miss her on the show we do wish her all the best in her new endeavour, whatever it might be and eagerly await her new and improved self.
i did ask her if the show was going to be taken over by some1 else and given a new name, i will inform u guys as soon as she gets back to me. but she did hint about coming out wit a book, will also keep u posted.

all the best madame


Lets talk more fashion ~ 9ja fashion

20 September 2008


after the previous topic which was soooo serious i decided to lighten things up wit( an it should have been done much earlier, trust me) a sequel to my lets talk fashion topic.
now the site is dedicated to 9ja related topics, so most people might ask why was i rambling on about fashion in other parts of the world.

well i strongly believe in knowing where u come from to know where u are going to, any clearer now? lol. this is not to say in any way mind u that 9ja people where not gasp..... wearing clothes by then, its just that there is no proper documentation, we 4give the outside world for only just realizing and relating to our numerous talents.

the 9ja fashion industry has recently been re branded and repacked especially for the western persuasion. i think we have realized that these people need it in small doses n they will finally get there, lol.
i say rebranding bcos Nigeria and Nigerians in my humble opinion (cough, cough) are some of the most fashion conscious people in Africa n dare i say it even the world.
how do i kw this?, under what authority do i make these statements.
well i dont kw? maybe its the way 9ja people dig incessantly for the next new fabric to sew clothe when them go use go traditional wedding o, or the way them dey baff up to go church, even to go pick pickin from school turn baffing competition.
i have so much memories from back in the day, and i wld put up some pics of my mum if i wasn't sure she'd rip me a new 1, thanks but I'd like to still be her child after this here blogging session.

in my search to dig up on the history on the Nigerian fashion industry, i was often quiet frustrated as it is an almost impossible endeavor, is it that people dont yet realize the power of the Internet and pictures? note 2 self keep on trying
i mean its a shame really for a country that is doing so much in the fashion world not only in the African fashion scene, that there isn't like a website that lists or even has links to these websites, i mean it comes down to good business scene, South Africa has 1. oh and don't even get me started on tryna find a website for interior decorators, mega nightmares.

note 2 people, if for whatever reason or excuse u do not have a website pls try creating a page on facebook or myspace, preferably facebook,(groups are free to start up on facebook) its got more people i think and its all the rage now, how do u think these 9ja artist are getting such widespread notoriety.

the Nigerian fashion week 2008 just concluded in Lagos, here is the official website, on it you can find out how to register etc.
well according to the website the event ended 3 days ago on the 17th of September it was a spring summer collection i can't be too sure anymore, all m seeing is circles now.
note 2 self, do we have an autumn/winter collection?, we could infuse African designs into winter clothing.must check further.
at press time i still could not find any videos or pics of the even, not even 4rm pure foto's, but will keep u guys updated asap.

so its not totally bad news. i have some good news. since i couldn't find any website that listed the designers or their websites, i took it upon myself to give a hand in this direction. i by no means have all the designers listed just the ones making all the noise now, putting your country on the map, and, looky here, some even have pages and groups on facebook. Drum roll please

Ade bakare
Adebayo jones facebook group
Amaka osakwe
facebook group
Deola sagoe
facebook group
Emmy collins
Ere dappa
Folake folarin
House of jola
House of bunor
House of maufechi
facebook group
Lola faturoti
Odio mimonet
Peridot and ruby facebook group
Soul and thread
Tiffany amber
Tailor made
Valerie davids
Younass facebook group
Zed eye

some jewelery designers of note are

Jewelery by anne facebook group
Jewel by lisa

my fav accessory designer

Azaria facebook group

and i am only putting up this interior designer becos they have a website which i think is uber important for an interior designer especially in 9ja where their trend is mostly on the up and coming unlike their fashion designer counterparts

I O furniture

if u want to also check out the styles of new and some of the designers above mentioned check out these magazines

bhf magazine facebook group
fashion africa facebook page

more good news(i told ya), Nigerian has been chosen as the 41st country to take part in the world fashion week,organized by the world fashion association based in Hollywood which is also the regulatory body for the world fashion industry, the opening event is taking place in Hollywood in November 2008 while the main event in Feb 2009 in New York city. the event was made possible by the legendary gold which host the Nigerian fashion week.
any lucky designer to represent our country must 1st present their collection in the Nigerian fashion week 2008( c y m so upset there's no pics, videos or news yet) which the president of the world fashion association Mr Paco De James is rumored to be expected to attend.
also 9ja is expected to launch the world fashion week-Nigeria, later on in the year, dunno when tho seeing as we are already in September gerrit. lol.

and i would like to add that at press time all the info supplied was correct and up to date, with regards to the designers websites, i cannot however say that they will be up for ever, some might be undergoing construction or for whatever reason close all together.

i am sorry i dont have any pictures pls do click on the links that takes you directly to the websites, try and join their groups these are really talented individuals " if we use our thing take clean mouth, another person go use am take clean their leg" get it already? lol
i will keep u updated on new and upcoming designer and (sighing) their websites.



hey peeps,

i was browsing the web 2day trying to get the latest on this ridiculous "indecent dressing" bill. when i stumbled upon this few minutes video on youtube by new dawn(everybody hala) and thot it was nice to see women of the same age group( seriously guessing here lol, okkkkk but u catch my drift) as the senator condemning the bill.
some people have argued that the issues and reasons raised by the senator are mainly due to the fact that in her time a lot of these type of dressing were not in and as such she isn't keeping in wit the modern generation. and seeking to punish us for being born in this era, like any1 asked us when we wanted to be born.
as i said these women were vehemently against the bill. it confirms that there are women out there who have moved along with the tide of the times and have not let themselves be overwhelmed of engulfed by it.
the senator i believe has been overwhelmed and decided that she would treat a nation of people like her kids or grand kids, where she would tell them don't wear this and wear this and everything will go smoothly.
we all kw this cannot be the case as a country is made up of different kinds of people with there own interpretation of what is right and wrong, and the free will to do as they please.

my 2nd point i want to put thru is that the senator has stated that the bill is to "SAVE" us women from the growing number of rape cases. which if any1 agrees with her bill, is our fault becos of the provocative way we dress.
if these people who put themselves in power, cos certainly we didn't, would bother to do a little bit of reading to further educate themselves,as we all know, u can never be too educated.
they would understand that rape was, is and will never be a physical thing.

although the word rape comes from the Latin verb rapere: to seize or take by force. it does not in anyway do justice to the physiological state of the rapist and his/her victim.
all rapist are the same physiologically, they just cover their agenda under different guises: we wanted it by our form of dressing, they are under stress n trying to let of steam, they were drunk and it was a mistake(well if u were so drunk and didn't kw what u were doing y didn't u rape another man or 1 of those goat by the way side????????)

there are different types of rape, as recognized by the Nigerian government: statutory rape, marital rape etc.

there are also different type of rapist, there is the
mental rapist and after u read this and watch the 3rd video you will be plunged into more fear as it seams that the very people we are charging to save us might as well be RAPIST.

Power reassurance rapist, power assertive rapist,anger excitation rapist, anger retaliation rapist you can read up on them here.
i am sure after u have read what the experts have to say you will agree that the act of rape occurs in the mind of the rapist before he chooses his victim and picking on manner of dressing is only a vehicle to further justify his actions. after all in countries where women are forced to cover up rape and sexual assault still continues.



Lets talk fashion

9 September 2008

ok people,

m back again with another gist for u guys on watz taking 9ja out there, 'n' making these catz realize that we r here 2 stay n not thinking of going anywhere. yeah u heard me right.

N the word is fashion, a brief history of fashion shows us just how long people have always had a deep desire to stand out 4rm d crowd and look good.

Now all this talent had to be show cased and for people to see, know wat was in vogue for the season and in the long run, buy, as the fashion industry is also a business that generates millions of dollars a year. so much so that now even celebrities are now having brands of their own, indeed these days its almost a given example Nelly~ applebottoms, eminem~shadyltd, some of the more famous ones are p diddy~seanjohn, j.lo~sweetfaceand justsweet, beyonce~house of dereon and dereon, victoria beckham~dvbstyle. So came about the birth of fashion week which was intented to be a meduim for established and upcoming designers to show case their work.

in this elite world of fashion as with all other industries comes their own terms which i guess is to secretly show us the line that separates us outsiders. Alas, fear not for i hv come to debunk the mystery, to make clear and give full and in depth meaning to the 1nce unclear, with a lot of pictures, lol.

first terminology is
ready-to-wear or pret-a-porter(french of course)

simply means ready made clothing, which are made or sewn in standard sizes and available from merchandises in stock and mostly sold in bulk. mostly in expensive clothes although some can be expensive but never as much haute couture. these clothes are mostly sold on the high street, so your high street labels like h&m, topshop.etc. although there are also some high end designers who also make ready to wear lines.

like elie saab, valentino, dior, miu miu, alexander mc queen, micheal kors etc. which definitely feature on d pricey end of the ready to wear spectrum.

Next we have the term

haute couture(more french)

haute means high or elegant, couture means sewing or dressmaking. so put together it refers to designing, creating and selling high fashion custom made womens wear to a select clientele.

the rights to this name are protected by the syndical chamber for haute couture located only in paris. members are required to present runway shows twice a yr, each collection consisting of upto 35 separate outfits for evening and daywear.

haute couture clothing costs from as little(yeah right) as $26,000 to over $100,000. taking about 100 to 400 hrs to make 1 dress. today only about 2,000 women in the world buy couture; 60% of those are american with only 200 as regular customers. what inevitably happens is that these talented designers loans their clothese to celebrities for publicity.

Next term is

avant garde(french, surprise any1?)

this is a term that is oh so confusing because it lends its meaning to other fields such as politics, music, arts(photography), design(jewellery, architecture, furniture), culture etc. It means advanced gaurd or vanguard. But with regards to fashion it refers to works that

are innovative and experimental.

i mostly like to call it anything that starts a new trend. by its very nature nothing stays vanguard for very long because once it becomes a norm it is no longer experimental or new and exciting. getting the picture yet?

another thing about avant garde is that it does defy a confined meaning as wat might seem new or innovative to 1 might not seem so to another.

huge note to people, this does not in anyway include celebrities who wear bizzare outfits to award nights okay? lol
some popular avant garde fashion designers include ann-sophie, miguel adrover, eddie baddeo etc.

hopefully this has cleared up some of the issue u hv wit these fashion shows or u hv even picked up something u didn't kw b4, feel free to ask me for clarification on anything else. do click on the links for more indepth explanation.

next post will reveal y in the heck i started this topic.



5 September 2008

i visited this fellow 9ja female blogger's blog i like and saw this entry which 2 me makes bera sense, read on 'n' c d plight these so called "woman" in power wants to put us thru.
i mean she is trying 2 send us back 2 d darkest ages. its women like this that give men the credibility when they say women should not and cannot handle positions of authority 'n' politics.

Senator Ekaette,Please permit me to speak with you woman to woman. I have a few truths to tell you, about the Indecent Dressing Bill you are sponsoring, and I hope that you listen. We are living in the 21st century, and in this day and age, it is reprehensible that you would try to dictate what women should wear in a society that is supposed to be democratic and free. Have you forgotten what happened at the U.N assembly when you attempted to present this bill to them? Have you forgotten so soon the comments from the other ambassadors? Especially the ambassador from Jamaica?Do you really believe that enforcing this bill will lessen harassment and sexual assault? Have you heard of the “decently” dressed girls being harassed by lecturers? Are you now seeking to absolve men of their crimes of rape? I am disappointed that this type of thinking comes from a fellow woman. The men do not hold any responsibility for their crimes? They cannot control themselves? Rather than trying to pass this bill, YOU OUGHT TO BE WORKING ON A PUNISHMENT FOR THE MEN WHO COMMIT THIS HEINOUS CRIME!You ought to let them know that they are the bane of the society and you, as a woman, should NOT be victimizing the victims. Put a stiff punishment and ACTUALLY CARRY OUT THE PUNISHMENT, and let’s see what happens. When the men know there is a consequence to their actions, no matter their stature or status in the community, I assure you, what women wear will no longer matterIn case you are so far removed from the masses, I want to let you know that you have put all females at risk with this bill you are trying to pass. In Aba, Abia State, thugs have taken advantage of this unfortunate situation and are stripping girls of their clothes in public. THEY HOLD GIRLS DOWN AND TEAR OFF THEIR JEANS, claiming that the directive from Abuja states girls should no longer wear trousers. And when they tear off the clothes from these girls, what do you think happens next? I’ll leave that up to your imagination.Senator Ekaette, are there no good causes for women that you can champion? I have a few that you can take up:• Instituting counseling and help for victims of rape• Encouraging women to come forward when they have been assaulted and PROVIDING HELP to the victims• Working on removing the stigma of rape• The trafficking of girls to Europe for prostitution• Institute and implement STRICT PUNISHMENT for rapists and sexual harassers• The plight of women being regarded as second class citizens• The plight of children in Nigeria, have you seen the children under the bridge? (Have you seen these children begging on the streets? I am very sure you have seen them, that is, if your escorts and convoy does not run them over)• THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CAUSE THAT I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU TO LOOK INTO CHAMPIONING – HAVE YOU HEARD OF VESICO VAGINAL FISTULA (VVF)?This is a cause being spearheaded by Ms. Stephanie Okereke, please contact her and work with her on this most worthy cause. Were you not aware that babies as young as 12 years old are being forced into early marriages and are being raped by men old enough to be their grand-fathers? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ABOUT THAT SENATOR EKAETTE?If you do not achieve anything else in your life, let this be the one thing that you will be remembered for in Nigeria. Contact Ms. Stephanie Okereke, and help the young girls and women who are suffering from this. Madam Senator, you MUST STOP THIS BILL, you must drop this bill and focus on the issues that are important to the Nigerian woman and child.It appears I am in an alternative universe where this would be the news headline and stories in major newspapers:Fellow Nigerians!It gives me great pleasure to note that all the MINOR issues and problems we experience in this great nation have been totally taken care of. Minor problems that average citizens like you and I experience, problems that the Nigerians in authority and power never experience. Minor problems like:No working electricity, No clean water, Inflation,No jobs for graduates, No salaries being paid to the teachers who are supposed to educate the next generationNo education system in place for our childrenNo health care for the massesPoor living conditions Extremely bad roads.The problems in the Niger DeltaThe lack of rules and laws in NigeriaThe country’s abject povertyYes my fellow Nigerians, I am very pleased to announce that these MINOR issues have been resolved. This has left us free to focus on the really monumental major issues like the Honourable Senator Ekaette’s Indecent Dressing Bill.Senator Ekaette has single-handedly solved the minor issues in Nigeria, and must now focus on being the moral police that Nigeria so desperately needs. Indeed, the Senate must congratulate themselves for a job well done in taking care of Nigeria’s minor issue as listed above. They must also clap Sen. Ekaette on the back for attempting to take Nigeria back to the cave days, and take us back to a dictatorship. Unfortunately this is not the case. This imaginary news story must never come to pass. The real world we do live in will be more dangerous for all Nigerians, if you continue with this billYou, Senator Ekaette, have put ALL Nigerian females in jeopardy, at risk with this bill and I wonder how well you sleep at night. I hope you hear the cries and feel the pain of the very people you are supposed to protect but have put in harm’s way.Respectfully,Ure Akuma.Richmond, VA


a reason not an excuse

sorry peeps i hvn't blogged 4 a while n wont 4 a couple more cos m researching some stuff out 4 d site, ok?
so keep tight.


9ja the Gr8(2)

1 September 2008

okay so i went ahead 'n' checked that countries with the most language stuff 'n' wat do u kw? your girl was wrong after all. china doesn't hv more languages than nigeria.
don't kw about u but the more i learn about nigeria, the more i love it, we hv had this relationship going now for more than 20yrs n our love is still waxing stronger. lol
here's the link


9ja the Gr8

hello 1nce again,

its me back with more good stuff for y'all.
so i don't kw about u guyz out there but m soooooooo proud of being Nigerian i wear it with a badge of honor. that being said it doesn't stop the confusion or sheer panic when people ask me "what language do u speak in nigeria?", "how many languages do u speak", "watz d population of nigeria?" d list of questions just go on 'n' on. it's not that i don't think its important 2 kw but 9ja is mine, get me?........ whether i kw all this info or not, lol.
so i took it upon myself to educate( fear not its not a history class) people on my gr8 country, via the famous wikipedia........ of course.
ehhhhhhhhhh i found most of their info correct execpt for a few which i will address now:
official languages: igbo, youruba and hausa. dont kw where they got the rest 4rm.
and they said something about lack of medical care due to brain drain of doctors, lol lol lol. m just thinking of all d medical students that we turn out of universities every year, that hv no place to go cos of no jobs.
other than that most of it i was even surprised to hear. Una believe say 9ja get (gasp) 521 languages.
hmmmmmm note 2 self check which countries hv more, m sure china is right up there lol. i hv some chinese friends n bless i love them.
so m adding the links 4 people to go n read them up
this 1st link talks about 9ja in general,

this other one gives more insight in2 d languages
u kw i will say that i was quite happy 2 c a website about nigeria by nigerians that had this much info, although i dont kw if its the offical nigerian website 4rm the ministry of information.
note 2 self check up on that too.


9ja the Gr8(3)

i hv been to the "official" nigerian website. quite low standard, appauling to say the least considering that it will almost cetainingly and SHOULD be the 1st impression people should have of nigeria. i tried to leave feed back for them to express my disgust n distress but it didn't go thru, even the content left so much to be desired. some1 needs to get off their fat ass n fix that site pronto. the only plus i saw was maybe this site is where to go to download official forms 'n' all IF u can download them, and they also confirmed the main indeginous languages spoken in nigeria(see previous post).
well here it is 4 ur viewing displeasure

this other site howeva is more lovely, better and up to date information on most of the going ons in nigeria.
my fav i'll hv 2 say is d pidgin speak on the website, if u r not nigerian it will mystify u, but i think its really ingenious, they hv all these pidgin words and meanings etc.
if they can't fix the dammed official website, they should think of adopting this one. 'nuff said.
for ur viewin pleasure

anotha website that i found and checked that is also good but not up to scratch with the 1st website i informed u of earlier.


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