Surprise, surprise

22 September 2008


i have been feeling down of l8, too much 2 do not enuff time, mistakes that can't b undone or rectified or would take a lifetime to do so.
anyhoo to cheer myself up i started browsing thru my fav 9ja website and i came across this heading and thot, more stuff i dont kw about 9ja, even wit all d legal ties i hv via my family.

its all here, pls feel free not 2 read it all at 1ce( lol rolling on d floor), u will understand when u get there. its just nice 2 kw there is a place i can go when i want a quick check up on something. i dont need 2 go all d way to the library to hunt down some book m not even sure exsists in d library.

note to self: check if this is d full constitution n find out if its on the offical 9ja website, by d govt. i mean.

happy reading.


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  1. Hi,

    I just replied your comment on my blog - Check it out. Have a nice day.


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