A Quick Make, Yellow Pencil Skirt

20 November 2017

For the longest time I have had this yellow fabric sitting in my fabric stash, the idea was always to sew a pencil skirt with a bit more style lines than this turned out, but, I must say I'm really pleased with the outcome plus I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of drafting, cutting and sewing up a project all in 2 hours tops (did you read that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) with some time(1 hour) off to go watch tennis no less.

Now I know for some of you out there it's not a big deal but I'm a slow sewist and this was like a huge revelation to me.

This all started when I uploaded my video on how to sew with twin needles in the video I actually test out the Prym stretch twin needle on a piece of this yellow fabric and I liked the results a whole lot.

How To Use A Twin Needle On The Empisal Dressmaker

12 November 2017

 So this tutorial is not just to show you how to use and thread a twin/double needle on my machine but I think it's pretty much gonna be the same across 95% of most sewing machines, still just check to make sure.


2 November 2017

Sew from what I can gather, since 2014, in the month of November there has been a sewing photo a day challenge called #bpsewvember that goes on on Instagram.

For us sewist its so much fun to get to know others in the worldwide sewing community and see what drives them, see what you have in common or how you differ etc

Even if you don't sew its such a fun tag to check out. its hosted by the lovely Amanda over at Bimble & Pimble

I will be taking part in this year's photo challenge, to see my posts check out my Instagram handle @Chi9ja or my Instagram feed on my blog page

Here's what the 2017 challenge looks like, and I'll also post previous years too.

How To Sew A Reversible Satin Bonnet

31 October 2017

This here project was born out of sheer frustration and, sometime later on........ DESPERATION.

Lemme explain, first, the frustration: If you are on any type of hair journey whether your hair is relaxed, texlaxed or natural, you have probably heard of the benefits of keeping your hair wrapped up at night with a satin or silk bonnet/sleeping cap.
On receiving this nugget of wisdom, you strolled(or ran, whichever you did lol) to your local beauty supply store to buy a satin bonnet, nuffin so simply would keep you from glorious and luscious locks. Going through the selection at the store you are pleased with the images on the packages,


30 October 2017

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How To Sew A Centered/ Railroad Zipper

18 October 2017

Still on the zipper series, today's offering is the centered/ railroad zipper kind. This zipper is the easiest of the zipper to install especially for beginner sewers. It was once a favorite of mine until I discovered HOW TO INSTALL AN INVISIBLE ZIPPER WITH A REGULAR ZIPPER FOOT.

Anyways let me know how you get on with the tutorial if you try it, how you feel about zippers in general and all that good stuff.


How To Sew invisible Zippers

13 October 2017

Today we are all about closures in garment making/sewing, these can be used as a design or functional elements in whatever project you are sewing. they are especially important if you want to make some fitted woven garments.

My favorite type of zippers to sew are invisible zippers and guess what you guys, I DO NOT OWN AN INVISIBLE ZIPPER FOOT.
Stick with me and I'll show you how incredibly easy it is.

 Please comment below to share your experience of how the tutorial worked out for you if you tried it. I'm thinking of making this into a zipper series, so, if you have a particular zipper you want me to do a video on, I'd be happy to oblige.

3rd Quarter Sewing Plans 2017

10 October 2017

Aside from loving to sew and documenting my sewing journey, I folks am regrettably what they call a #slowsewer. I'm guessing the term is self-explanatory, I take forever to sew up stuff, I dunno why honestly(though I think my slow sewing machine should share in the blame). it's something I'm seriously working on combatting, pray for me....LOL.

As a result of my fore mentioned aliment, condition.....(insert your own term here) my sewing plans video which other good YouTubers do every month will be done on a quarterly basis. The sewing plans video for this 3rd quarter will cover the months of July, August, and September. 

Here is my humble offering


"The Seamstress Tag" and "The Sewing Tag"

9 October 2017

thimble, threads
If you're into the sewing world then you know about the seamstress tag with 12 questions started by HollySews on youtube, most seamstress myself included took part in it as a way to get to know each other and to introduce ourselves to people, let them know what started us on our journey, and all that good stuff......

But there's also another tag called the "sewing tag" that I saw online but I only know 1 YouTuber who took part in the tag. I have a seamstress tag video but as I only found out about the sewing tag after the video was put up, I will be answering the questions to the sewing tag in this post.

HERE GOES........

Now for the "sewing tag"
  • How long have you been sewing?
          To date, I'd probably say 3 years, nearly 4 though LOL
  • Who taught you to sew?
          Just a local neighborhood tailor, he sewed somethings for people around and I think of old tailors the way I think of old lawyers, they're better than the younger ones. Honestly, older seamstresses with good technique are just better IMHO. 
  • Your first social media sewing influencer?
           The first sewing video I ever watched was by Tre on "stitchless tv" she was talking about how you could use socks as ribbing, and I just thought she is soooooo brilliant. if you can check her out, she does amazing videos.
  • What's your favorite clothing to sew?
            Fit and flare dresses, they fit my silhouette so I sew them all the time and as such I'm good at them.
  • Favorite fabrics: Knits or Woven
             My sewing machine doesn't handle knits very well so I sew mostly with wovens, so I'm going with wovens for now.
  • Do you have a sewing studio?
             No, I'm not so lucky, I set up shop in a corner of my room.
  • What machines do you have?
             I have an "Empisal dressmaker 270D" I have a video on it on youtube @chi9ja and a blog post on here, do check it out.
  • Your #1 favorite sewing tool?
           I can't choose between my seam gauge and the bias binder makers. 
  • Where do you get your sewing inspiration?
             Magazines, Pinterest etc all the usual culprits for picture goodness.
  • What's your favorite piece that you've created?
             The dress I made for #thelittlereddressproject if you watch the seamstress tag video you'll see the dress and I also talk about why its a fav of mine.
  • Whats your worst piece that you've created?
              Unfortunately or fortunately I don't have a picture to show you. it was my first attempt at sewing a shirt with buttons, and I was trying to undo the horrible buttonholes my machine had done and ripped through the fabric with my seam ripper. THE END.
  • Do you sew to sell?
             No, I don't
  • What are your future sewing business plans?
             I have none, sewing is not a business to me at the moment, I tried sewing for some people and totally hated the experience.
  • Your top 3 favorite sewing blogs?
            I find myself on Craftys a lot, then there's Emily Hillman designs and Burdastyle. Dunno if Burdastyle qualifies as a blog though.
  • Patterns or Self-drafted?
            Self drafted

Some Basic Sewing Terms Explained

8 October 2017

sewing terms, button, needle

So lets put to bed some of the basic sewing terms that get thrown around in the sewing world whether you are a home sewer or work in the sewing factories.

These basic terms get used interchangeably but they do all have different definitions and can be used to create different finishes.

Terms like edge stitching and topstitching used to have me stumped until I figured it all out, so I thought I'd make a video in case there were more people like my former self out there. LOL.

There are also other things you can learn, how to sew zippers, how to sew a reversible satin bonnet etc, do check them out before you leave.

And as always do feel free to tell me about your experiences with these terms or how you go about stitching them.

Don't be a stranger, sign up to my email list to know when next I post such contents, also follow my other socials, where I'm more active on a daily basis.

 Let's talk and share our sewing passion, leave me a comment, i'd love to hear from you guys.


What's a Sewing blog without a Sewing Machine Review??????????

7 October 2017

This was the first ever sewing related video I posted on my youtube page, which later on led me to revive the blog.

This Feels Strange and New............and Exciting.

I just checked the date on my last post and it's been something like 7 years since I posted anything, WOWWWWWWWWWWW that's a freaking long time, I honestly thought I was done with blogging, it hasn't ever really felt like my thing, that and my laziness, LOL. 

SOOOOOOOOOOO much has happened since then, I'm still in Nigeria working, I started a youtube channel please look for the badge on my homepage and subscribe to my channel.

So my youtube channel is all about sewing, I have actually had a youtube account for 8 years, I thought I was going to start a beauty channel at first but I always just lacked motivation, then I realized makeup wasn't that important to me.

I have always always always wanted to learn to sew and I love fashion and design. So whilst in Nigeria, with a little free time, I decided to do something about my desire to learn to sew. Your gurl bought a sewing machine and took sewing classes. All this was 3 years ago.
womans face

I say all this to say that this will be the NEW direction of the blog.

This and the youtube channel(which is only 3months) is like a rebirth for me.

I hope this channel serves and inspires you in and with your sewing journey.

Pls, do sign up to my email list and let's be friends while you join me on this exciting sewing journey.

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