20 September 2008

hey peeps,

i was browsing the web 2day trying to get the latest on this ridiculous "indecent dressing" bill. when i stumbled upon this few minutes video on youtube by new dawn(everybody hala) and thot it was nice to see women of the same age group( seriously guessing here lol, okkkkk but u catch my drift) as the senator condemning the bill.
some people have argued that the issues and reasons raised by the senator are mainly due to the fact that in her time a lot of these type of dressing were not in and as such she isn't keeping in wit the modern generation. and seeking to punish us for being born in this era, like any1 asked us when we wanted to be born.
as i said these women were vehemently against the bill. it confirms that there are women out there who have moved along with the tide of the times and have not let themselves be overwhelmed of engulfed by it.
the senator i believe has been overwhelmed and decided that she would treat a nation of people like her kids or grand kids, where she would tell them don't wear this and wear this and everything will go smoothly.
we all kw this cannot be the case as a country is made up of different kinds of people with there own interpretation of what is right and wrong, and the free will to do as they please.

my 2nd point i want to put thru is that the senator has stated that the bill is to "SAVE" us women from the growing number of rape cases. which if any1 agrees with her bill, is our fault becos of the provocative way we dress.
if these people who put themselves in power, cos certainly we didn't, would bother to do a little bit of reading to further educate themselves,as we all know, u can never be too educated.
they would understand that rape was, is and will never be a physical thing.

although the word rape comes from the Latin verb rapere: to seize or take by force. it does not in anyway do justice to the physiological state of the rapist and his/her victim.
all rapist are the same physiologically, they just cover their agenda under different guises: we wanted it by our form of dressing, they are under stress n trying to let of steam, they were drunk and it was a mistake(well if u were so drunk and didn't kw what u were doing y didn't u rape another man or 1 of those goat by the way side????????)

there are different types of rape, as recognized by the Nigerian government: statutory rape, marital rape etc.

there are also different type of rapist, there is the
mental rapist and after u read this and watch the 3rd video you will be plunged into more fear as it seams that the very people we are charging to save us might as well be RAPIST.

Power reassurance rapist, power assertive rapist,anger excitation rapist, anger retaliation rapist you can read up on them here.
i am sure after u have read what the experts have to say you will agree that the act of rape occurs in the mind of the rapist before he chooses his victim and picking on manner of dressing is only a vehicle to further justify his actions. after all in countries where women are forced to cover up rape and sexual assault still continues.



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