Black people and cold don't mix?

27 September 2008

hello every1,

so i got up some mornings ago n realized that i was freezing, no problem there nothing a nice lonnnggg boiling hot shower wont solve, after my nice shower, i put on some lotion n proceeded to get ready for work.
as soon as i stepped outside d cold hit me like a ton of lead n i kept wondering y oh y till it occurred to me, duhhhhhhhh, its almost d end of September n d winter months r rolling in whether i like it or not, so quickly a little reminder to my self, stock up on d grease( only d best by d way, Palmer's hard formula Shea butter) n remember to get some 4 ur bro's as well( big sis, wat can i say).
anyway as i get 2 work i whine n complain about d cold n my friends at work look at me like m going crazy, no....... the weather is quiet nice(at this point i shld mention that they r all white lol), the only people who seem 2 concur wit my predicament r my black friends n we all come to d same conclusion we come 2 at this time of the yr. "black people don't do cold" hahahahahaha.

i 4 one would not let the matter b, surely m not over exaggerating d shiver that is running thru my bones, n all my friends n that many black people in d world cannot just b making all this up, y wld we? 4 d attention factor? wat attention? people think we r saying rubbish when we complain of the cold.
there is only 1 thing left 4 it, research the world wide web, there must be some scientific proof to attest to this phenomenon(yeah u heard me right lol lol lol), people just hvn't heard of it n some1 in d PR department is not doing anything about spreading d word, so other folks including us d black folks..... okkkkkk i admit it, me don't feel like we r losing our minds.

after dayz of digging n prodding all i cld come up wit were physiological reasons, no hard evidence of say genes or blood group. we r supposed to make do with the explanation that we feel more cold bcos we hv longer limbs n fuller lips, that gives more surface area for the cold to catch us wit em hand, abi?( pleaseeeeeeeeee i am about to burst a vein) i kw some real tall white folks n they dont feel d cold d way i do. they hv howeva made breakthru or discoveries in d agriculture field as cold temperatures affects d crops especially corn.

it seems to me that not enuff research has been done on the subject matter and or nobody is taking it serious enuff. i kw nobody thinks its a matter of life n death but wldn't it go a long way to a better understanding of ourselves if it was something that cld b rectified? or maybe in d process of looking for answers on d topic we stumble upon something else, that is science after all.

so m afraid people until some1 does more research or finds something concrete we r just gonna hv to keep stocking up on d grease this time of d yr, every yr, as per usual.

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