"[Wine is] poetry in a bottle." - Clifton Fadiman

29 October 2008

"The First Duty of wine is to be Red...the second is to be a Burgundy" Harry Waugh

"I like red wine because it's more sophisticated, more complex and mature. It's a bit like me, no longer young but not old yet either." Mick Hucknall

As if you smart lot haven't already guessed, yep, its time for the red red wine.

Tannin is what gives red wines a complexity that is beyond that of most white wines.
Tannin has a mouth drying quality that causes the wine to feel firm in your mouth. When a red wine is young, this firmness can be quite intense.
Over time, the qualities of the tannin will mellow and blend harmoniously with the other characteristics of the wine. This is one of the main reasons that red wines usually age better than whites.

Red wine is usually intended to be consumed with a meal instead of on its own. The bold flavors and characteristics (compared to most whites), will stand up to and sometimes complement flavorful foods. mostly its red wine, red meat but red wine and fish can also be good if d red wine is fruity and non tannic, an oregen pinot noir.
more examples of red wine are; cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz, zinfandel, grenache, sangiovese, gamay, nebbiolo, barbera, tempranillo, dolcetto, malbec etc

The French Paradox
The French seem to know something about the health benefits of red wine. In a study that compared French and German red wines, the French red wines delivered a greater health benefit due to their higher level of antioxidants. This may partially account for the "French paradox," where studies show that in areas of France where the diet is high in fat those who drink red wine with meals have a lower incidence of heart attack than other parts of the world. Due to vast differences in diets, the evidence is inconclusive, but experts believe that red wine contains certain compounds that help protect the heart. This has opened the door for other researchers to study the components in red wine that may be responsible for its health benefits.

Red wine headaches ("RWH") are the downside of red wines, they are bad headaches often accompanied by nausea and flushing that occurs in many people after drinking even a single glass of red wine. This syndrome can sometimes develop within 15 minutes of consumption of the wine.
The condition does not occur after consumption of white wine or other alcoholic beverages. Some individuals report that they get a migraine headache hours later from drinking some red wines. No one knows for certain why this syndrome occurs. It probably has more than one cause such as tannins, prostagladins, histamines, sulfites.

White wines are often consumed with lighter meals, think lunch, smaller dinners, appetizers or as an ap矇ritif themselves. They are more refreshing, lighter in both style and taste than the majority of their red wine counterparts, making them ideal for spring and summer occasions. The old guideline of “white wine with white meat” still holds true in many instances, but there are plenty of exceptions and palate preferences that dictate which.
Many of the more established wine experts and expert sites tend to focus on reds with a few words on the white wines of the world added as an after thought and with a sneer seeping through the reviews. Whether this is due to ignorance, snobbery or following fads can't be determined, but it often leaves classic white wines in the cold -- not just climatically. i think its a pure shame cos if i were to drink any wine it would be white wine, it just looks more classy and elegant, easier to get down ur throat, non of the horrid after smells etc etc.
unfortunately for the longest time white wine has no DOCUMENTED health benefits(probably cos all the scientist drink red wine), it had always contain some anti oxidants but no way as near as red wine, this might come in useful to people who are allergic to red wine. until recently it has been discovered that red and white wine share the same health benefits, the proof is here. haha eat ur heart out all you red wine lovers.
White wines are produced all over the world but the most famous are probably those made from the Chardonnay grape in France, you've probably also tasted them in Champagnes. more examples of white wines include;sauvignon blanc, riesling, chenin blanc, pinot grigio, semillion, pinot blanc, albarino, marsanne, viognier, muscat, gewurztraminer etc.
that will be all for now folks. don't forget we have more to discuss; dessert wines, rice wines, champagne etc


  1. who's into red wine...apart from me? I love your photos..they are really nice...

  2. thanks, even though i kw white is d way to go, lol.
    r u in malaysia?


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