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7 October 2008


Good news from the entertainment industry, i am pleased to announce that the wife( Lola Omotayo) of Peter Okoye of P-Square has given birth to a baby boy sometime last week, on the 2nd of October, but don't quote me on that.
the baby was born in London and both mother 'n' child have not arrived back to the country yet.
The christening, according to Peter, is expected to hold as soon as Lola and the baby return next month.“I can’t disclose the exact time of their arrival at the moment, but if not next month, it will be December. I’m also keeping the name of the child close to my heart for now. I will unveil it when the time comes.“Although people have been suggesting names for me, even my twin brother, Paul, is yet to know the name I have settled for,” he also added, “it’s a thing of joy and I’m happy about it.”
we r also happy for u DADDY. lol.
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