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18 October 2008


Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria were seeded on Monday for next week's final-round draw in African qualifying for the 2010 World Cup.

Algeria, Guinea, Mali, Morocco and Tunisia will be in pot two; Benin, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Kenya and Zambia in pot three; and Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan and Togo in pot four.

The draw in Zurich on Oct. 20 will form five groups. The five group winners join host South Africa at the 2010 World Cup, and the top three teams in each group qualify for the 2010 African Cup of Nations in Angola.

Seeds were based on the current FIFA rankings.

Vitali Klitschko made a punching bag out of Nigeria’s pride, Peter Samuel, over the weekend, in a world heavyweight championship fight. Battered and bruised in a pitiful manner, the Nigerian boxer suffered a technical knockout when he withdrew at the end of the seventh round. His handlers felt he had been punished enough, and they were right. The photographs published almost two days after the nightmare of “The Nightmare”, attested to the severe punishment that preceded the loss of the WBC heavyweight title by the Nigerian boxer.

We moan about the departed glory of boxing, the sport which first placed our country on the world map. Hogan Bassey first elevated Nigeria in global sports by his defeat over Cherif Hamia, in 1959, just before our independence.

The Peter’s fight could have been brought to Nigeria too, if there was any kind of organization which might have sponsored it. But there was none. The Nigerian Boxing Board of Control has gone comatose, pummeled from side to side by some impostors who have all but taken over the control of the game.

The members, unfortunately, have failed woefully to take up the challenge and have become satisfied with personally enjoying the privileges of the membership of international bodies which they gained, in the first place, by their executive positions in the NBB of C.However, it is doubtful that a home advantage would have saved Peter from the hiding that he had coming to him.

Some have once described Peter as a roly-poly fighter from what has been seen of his fights. A “rough ‘n tumble”, perhaps, would be a better characterization. He offers a target of a source of weakness in his “beer-belly”, which he has to protect by a cautious crouch, most of the time, but then he has such a short reach for a heavyweight.

He therefore puts himself in line of a good deal of punishment in the attempt to get to his mark. (Isaac Ikhuoria also suffered from the same insufficiency.) That makes him preoccupied with his defence which, unfortunately, still suffers a lot.

I wonder how far he has to go in his career, but you can’t write off a boxer on the strength of one fight. But then, we are dealing with more than one fight here.

all this being said, at least he has got his business mind on right, here is his official website
couldn't find any video of the fight in English, sorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy.



  1. i can't believe Peter Samuel let this guy beat him like that..he should definitely go for a rematch..and soon..

  2. @ fit celebs
    can't really comment there, not a fan of boxing at all, dunno, something about people willingly receiving blows 4rm other people doesn't really sit well wit me i


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