Black Web Awards

17 October 2008


The Black Web Awards are the first and only organized effort to recognize and celebrate African, African American and Caribbean excellence online, it was first started in 2006, this year will see their 3rd annual awards. Website customers, fans, designers and owners now have the opportunity to nominate their favorite Black-themed websites in over 100 distinct categories, including Best Music Site, Best African News & Politics Site, Best Wealth Building Site and Best House of Worship Site. All nominations are free and open to the general public. The Announcement event was filmed and web cast online, and on television stations worldwide through strategic partnerships, thereby making the Black Web Awards the first Internet awards competition to web cast their announcement.The result alone demonstrate the extent of the Black presence online, help establish the Finalists as beacons for Black people, and at the same time, introduce valuable resources for the world to gain insight into the Black global community.

"We want to get as much participation as possible, so building a competition with a free nomination and voting process was an easy decision," said Odogwu Linton, founder(naija, hala). The Finalists are certain to reflect the broad range of beliefs, social structures, wishes and dreams of Black people worldwide. The nominations thus far have confirmed that Black people worldwide support Black-themed websites and the businesses that support them. "Now is the time for a Black Web Awards," said Linton.

"In the United States, study after study confirms that the Black community is enjoying the Internet through broadband connections." For example, nearly 76 percent of those casting nominations thus far at have high-speed Internet access at home. This rate is in line with a 2005 AOL African American Cyber study, which among other findings at that time also reported that 68 percent of respondents favor companies that benefit the Black community. "If it isn't clear yet that the Black community is online and is supporting a wide range of Black-themed websites, it will be after the Black Web Awards Finalists are announced," said Linton, after review by the Black Web Awards Academy of Judges.
A full schedule, rules and nomination procedures are available online here.

my main aim of letting u all in on this award is becos as usual ur country was up their representing for y'all.
the following websites received nominations;

Best black search engine site
good enuff site, too clustered, could be better, but i especially liked the poetry corner.

Best site representing a nation
Nigeria embassy usa
nice, liked the fonts and smiley people, good representation, unlike d actual 9ja website, grhhhh, don't even get me started.

Best film festival site(international)
anotha good 1, i liked d idea of the girl dressed in native attire holding d camcorder, pleasant surprise cos i didn't even know the site existed, u learn something new everyday i guess, lol. wat i still don't kw tho, NFFO????????? Nigerian film festival organisation, m guessing here, abeg no quote me o.

Best African news/politics site
Nigeria world
very excited about this site, a lot of it is in igbo, i think it has a lot of potential(by d way, this has absolutely nothing 2 do wit me being igbo, hahahaha). needs updating 'n' bera layouts and graphics. but all in all, it brought a smile to my face.

Best actress site
WOW, omo babe na official big girl o, was so impressed with the site, i think she is a wonderful actress BUT m still yet 2 be convinced of her singing capabilities, all I've heard is d song she did wit ruggedman(don't gbadu him either) 'n' it wasn't it 4 me, especially when compared to d up and comers in d music industry in 9ja. buckle up babe so u can blow them away in d music world too.

Best black movie site
i have blogged about this site b4, its my best for 9ja news, didn't kw it was big on movies, huuuu. i do love its pidgin English corner, wit pidgin English and its meanings and proverbs, lol.

This website however won not 1 but 2 awards for

Best Internet radio station
Best African music site
Nigerian web radio facebook group
YES o, we r here to stay and ain't prepared to go anywhere. 100% 9ja music 24/7

pls check out as much links as u can, u will be surprised at the wealth of info. and drop ur comments, they r my blog life line.


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