Sew and Tell: An honest review of my first high waist culottes

27 May 2018

I remember when I started hearing the word culottes thrown around in the fashion sphere, I kept going "what the heck are those?" till someone pointed them out to me and I said...........but those are palazzo pants, and, they are, but every recycle has to come with a new name to be bonafide recycle, but you'll forgive me if I use the names interchangeably

I liked palazzo pants so I knew these new trends would also be in my wheelhouse, but........ this was my first unsupervised foray into pants making, and, well, you know what pain pants are to make.
 I was somewhat calmed because these were loose fitting pants, and as such would be very forgiving.

By the way, did you guys know "culottes" is a French word with an entirely different meaning?

 somehow granny panties spring to mind, lol.

Really who christens these outfits/styles? they probably think everything sounds better in French, lol.

This project is on my #2018makenine and #2018usenine list, so, I was happy to get a crack on this early, unlike last year.


I choose a just a regular cotton African wax print fabric (Ankara fabric) I have had in my stash for a couple of years now, I think it was gifted to me.

I tried to use some of it to make a blazer, but that never got finished, it's still in #WIP land, unfortunately.

I do like the colour scheme, I don't have a whole lot of blacks, whites or grays in my wardrobe, so getting everything in one fabric seems like a win-win.


I just used regular measurements for sewing pants but as they were culottes/palazzo I added a lot of ease, you can go as crazy(well, not too crazy) as you want. Wide fit anything are very forgiving.


Usually, I'm all about in-seam pockets but this time I decided to try the front-facing pockets, and I made them deep, something else I don't do much of.

The Back

Something I incorporate into my sewing as often as I can is putting an elasticated back waistband. If you've ever had to deal with fluctuating waistlines, then you'll see the sense in this.

This also directly results in me having to install my waistbands in 2 or 3 pieces depending on the project.

I used the regular stitch in the ditch method of installing the waistband instead of the edge stitch method because I wanted a clean look in the front.


I used 2" long hems, I felt they would add to the overall look of the pants.


Errrrrrrrrrmmm I like the pants, I just don't love them, but everyone else seems to love. I'll definitely still wear them but, they won't be my fav thing.

One of the truly great things about sewing is how it makes you take serious note of the things you like and don't like. And I have come to realize drop crotch pants are not my thing.

I actually had to take up the front waistline by 1.5" which is a lot for me.

All in all, these pants have received #IRL (in real life) tests, and, they're comfy, easy to wear, don't pinch anywhere etc

So I'll make these again for sure but without such a long crotch depth.

I still like my method of sewing up waistbands in 2 or 3 pieces, it really helps with amendments if/when you need to.

The pockets OMGGGGG are so deep and amazing, I can't for the life of me figure out why I never sewed deep pockets before.

Have you guys also embraced the high waist pants/skirts trends for the spring/summer?

How is it featuring in your sewing?

Let's have a conversation in the comments section, please do share, sign up for my email inspirations and come back to visit soon.

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