How to sew up the awesome Spring/Summer 2018 fashion trends

14 May 2018

Today I'm excited to talk some fashion trends that graced the designer runways. Considering where I live I'm usually most excited about the spring/summer trends because those are things I can/will wear.

I know some people cannot abide runway fashion, either because they don't follow fashion trends, or, they find some of the trends these designers come up with questionable.
 And, let's face it sometimes these designers come up with unrealistic and quite frankly annoying trends IMHO, case in point, the whole see through to your underwear(if you're wearing any) trend, ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! please don't get me started😃😃.
Some people are also put off by the combination of outfit pieces, that just make no real-world sense, my take, treat some of these fashion shows like art exhibitions(which, fashion is an art form) it's not always gonna conform to real life, just hone in on one item of clothing you like on the model and think of how you would style that particular piece.

This is why we regular folk rely on the trusty high street for their wearable, real-life albeit poorly constructed, cheaper fabric interpretations.

Allow me ladies and gents to be your guide to some of this seasons trends, and since I'm firstly a sewing space I'll be chipping in some sewing pattern suggestions where appropriate.

I've rambled on long enough, here goes.............


These are a no-brainer, I don't think they ever left, they'll always be around. they are essential to creating a timeless wardrobe, I have a post all about that you can check out also with some pattern suggestions.
The thing I also like about this seasons pencil skirts is that they are midi length, so you can factor that into your sewing to stay very on trend or stick with what you feel works for you.


This is not really a trend I embrace, I prefer vivid saturated colours. but if it's your thing, then you can pick any pattern, just get some pastel colours next time you're out fabric shopping, like you needed a new excuse right???? LOL


This is actually something I don't have in my wardrobe, and, come to think of it, its something I can actually wear to work because my office doesn't have that so so strict dressing policy.


for this particular style trend, you can pattern hack a regular trouser suit pattern, or sew a regular tailored pair of shorts and wear with a fitted shirt/camisole and a blazer over it, whichever way you want.


This trend seems to be continued from last season, a little bit of sheerness, even strategically placed is good, trendy and could be a little bit flirty, but people just went crazy with the trend and were literally in their underwears, and those were the ones who bothered to wear any, lol.
But, I'm sure not everyone feels the same way I do, to each his own. If you want to add some sheerness to your wardrobe you can just hack one of your patterns and maybe replace the back, sleeves, front or some portions of the hems with lace or very light chiffon.


Ahhhhhhhh yes, plssssss..........Again, another continuation from last season, seems like the masses have not had enough.
not much to say here sewing wise, just pick up some of these types of fabrics when you're out fabric shopping. And it's the hallmark of any properly made garments to pattern match where possible, nothing looks more homemade or ill made like mismatched stripes or patterns.
You can also add more interest and fun to your sewing by having a play on pattern or stripes placement


Crossbody bags I get, I mean, I'm not a complete fan as I don't have any, but I get them. Now, fanny packs, seriously? you guys are trying to peddle this again? it didn't go so well the last time.
You can still sew this up if you want to. There are links to Etsy stores with fanny pack patterns here, here, and here 
There is also a tutorial here.
As for crossbody bags try any of these on Craftsy


So I figured out a while back that my style language is modern romantic, meaning that I love full dresses, sleeves, lace etc.
There were really fun feminine styles and I love love love this trend.
You can adjust the sleeves of your favourite dress or top pattern to create more volume in the sleeves, hems of tops or skirts etc or you can add ruffles or circle patterns instead, the bigger the better.




This is another trend I love but don't have many in my wardrobe, sad really, lol.
On the runway this season, they are mostly loose fitting and feature the paper bag waist which is a hit, I really really need one in my wardrobe. Usually medium to heavyweight fabrics work well, well..... I'm sure you could use some lightweight fabric if you really wanted to but I personally wouldn't.
Here are some patterns you could use, the burdastyle 111a can be lengthened to trousers


I have a question, what's the difference between a shift and slip dress? is there any? I talked about shift dresses being a staple in a timeless wardrobe but I didn't know if people just used the terms interchangeably.
Well, turns out, there is, slip dresses resemble a woman underslip/petticoat, they are generally made with light flowy fabrics like chiffon or satin, generally cut on the bias and sometimes trimmed with lace.
And on the runway this season, they are mostly a maxi length.
Melly sews has a free tutorial & sewing pattern on her site , Tessuti also have a slip dress pattern,

Here are links to some burdastyle patterns here.


So we are all still in love with exposed zips, pockets, belts etc all these add an extra dimension to any outfit. I don't usually do patch pockets but after this, I'm considering it strongly, after all, its an easier type of pocket to sew. This look does have a lot of heavy looking fabrics, big on leather and dark denim, also structured silhouettes with lots of buckles, d rings etc
So,  you can take your favourite pattern and change the zipper to an exposed zipper, put zipper closures for your pockets patch or otherwise, and you're all set to rock your trend.


Another trend I like but sadly I don't have a lot of because I'm very much a bold bold print kinda gal. I don't do the all black everything though but I can imagine me in white, deep denim blue, or some ox-blood monochromatic situation very easily.
Again you'll have to make a visit to the fabric store because you can sew anything up, just use the same solid colours.

And so there you have it, a very interesting season we have here. Don't forget that you can blend more than one trend in an outfit, like a monochromatic shorts suit, a utilitarian pencil skirt and a top with big sleeves, play with styles till you find something you like, but above all HAVE FUNNN.

Are you excited about the trends? What do you not like? Which will you be sewing up?

Let's have a conversation in the comment section.



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