5 May 2018

So I'm back for the usual roundup and while we're at it do check up the posts from previous months round up as some challenges do run for 6 months or the whole year.



An Instagram hashtag typically in the month of May. Started by Zoe Edwards and the whole idea of the tag was to get sewists to wear their makes, instead of just sewing and keeping somewhere to admire, or just feel like you have accomplished this task, so off to the next one without actually using you makes.
Each participant can tailor(did you catch that? LOL) the pledge to suit their needs, sewing skill or schedule, read more.
Be sure to check out the tag on Instagram


This tag is very new to me since it's their second year doing it, its supposed to connect restylers/refashioners on a global level. it was started by Pilar and you can visit the link to read all about the tag, rules, and prizes to be won. There's also a Pinterest group for inspiration this year, which I have followed regardless of if I'm taking part in the challenge or not.


I actually heard about this challenge on the dressmaking blogging network facebook group. Ita hosted by Alian from "the minimal approach" and Lisa from "and sew on"

The challenge started on April 21st and will end May 21st so there's still some time to join in, there are lots of sponsors etc

To find out more about the guidelines etc visit HERE

As always there must be some challenges I've missed or not heard of, or maybe you fancy starting one yourself, do feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Do you plan to take part in this month's challenges? are you still active in challenges from previous months?

Let us have a conversation in the comment section.

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