Cool dolman sleeve tops like this happen when you upcycle.

25 June 2020

I'm not going to say the dreaded words but we all know it's given us ample time.

Sooooooo, I've been a busy bee, apart from starting a fashion collection complete with mood boards, fabric swatches and croquis I also started on some upcycling/refashioning I've been putting off.

There's this skirt co-ord set I've had for almost 15yrs that I obviously can't fit into anymore. 
It never washed or went out of shape and it's got this whole colour blocking with prints things going for it(sorry there are no before pics but if you watch the video you might get an idea).

There's also a top I've made before, it was my first attempt at a dolman sleeve, it's gotten so much wear that I felt another one was in order.

Here then starts our story.....




This is what the front of the top looks like, from the right and wrong sides.
On the insides, I didn't bother serging. First, because the fabric doesn't fray, thank you sweet Jesus, and second, at the time I made this top, the lockdown was in full effect.



These are pictures of the back. 



 I didn't have enough of the main fabric left to make the sleeves one piece with the main body of the top, so I added this bit of fabric to it. the original fabric had waist ties which I used to make a slight gathering effect.

I think it's nice, no???



 I also used the plain fabric to do a bias binding for the neckline. 

It gives a clean finish especially when there's no lining.


 From my last dolman sleeve top, I realized that the length of the top didn't let me tuck it in, something I've gotten into lately.

So, I also made use of the same fabric to extend the top, but, you can't really tell it's there when I have it tucked in.


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