Fathers day gift ideas - Sewist Edition

10 June 2020 Nigeria

This blog post has been burning a hole in the drafts section of my blog for years now, I just never got the timing right. I'm finally getting to it and in good time too, my joy knows no bounds.

I want to celebrate dads the way I think a sewist would, not that our way is best but I kinda like the idea of a sewists spin on the occasion.

I am going to be giving out pattern suggestions but please note that some might not be pdf patterns and as such delivery might be an issue with all that's going on unless you have a store near you that carries the patterns.

Also, I have never used any of these patterns so I can't speak to how good the instructions might be, etc but like I said before this

text hat fathers day 

is just to help get the ball rolling.

Now, we love our fathers and they all come in different, shapes, sizes, personalities, etc, so I hopefully have created this list to reflect that as best I could.

There are many more out there, I'm sure but I hope you can seek inspiration from this list, and with that said
HERE GOES...........


Raise your hand if your dad is the type to get up before the crack of dawn to workout at the gym, or maybe even a jog around the estate.

He's even asked you to join him a couple of times. 

Yeah, I'm sure we all know these dads pretty well. So I know you'll agree with me that he'll love a

-gym/duffel bag

 there are some nice bag patterns out there, and if you start sewing now, I'm sure it'll be a big surprise for him.

-workout wear

     Fehr trade made this

-jogging armband

  This particular gift I feel he'll use for a long time   because you can customize it to fit his phone   exactly


This dad is all about staying indoors, mostly in front of his keyboard.
For him 

-skinny tie

Name more than one movie where you've seen the geek/techy guy with a big tie?????

-laptop/iPad bag

This would go down so well, I CAN SEE IT

 This iPad case is very beautiful, feel free to make it up with fabric & colours your dad would love.
Same thing with this laptop bag.



This dad is all about the great outdoors, you can't catch him indoors for too long.
He has to be outside communing with nature, fishing, or looking for his next big adventure or idea.

-sunglasses case

These could look cool in different fabrics & colours

-face cap

-cargo shorts

This looks really good I'm sure he'll love all the pockets.


This papa right here, is the fly papa, always on the latest trend. he'll even give your mum a run for her money in the shoes or accessories department.


This shirt would be right up his alley IMHO

-toilet bag

You can make this up with some nice oilcloth fabrics, he's sure to love it.


Business dad is always busy and on the move. He'll need things that make his on the go lifestyle quick and easy

-dress shirt

-shoe dust cover/ garment bag


A dad very much like us, in tune with his creative side


Is your dad always in his toolshed fixing up something? Then this apron will be right up his alley.

If your dad is more in the kitchen cooking up a storm you can still make this up with some nice cotton fabric but maybe ditch the pockets

-Sewing classes

There are not a lot of sewing classes out there geared towards men. But MiMi G has a sewing academy where you can learn to sew online and the best part is that it's also for men.


Very in tune with the earth and its sustainability is this dad.
Any gift will suit him. But use

-eco-friendly fabrics
-no plastic

This list has been great and lots of fun for me to compile for you, but I must admit, IT WAS SLIM PICKINGS ALL THE WAY.

There are just not enough patterns out there for men, let alone being diverse enough. Changing that would really be a great idea.

Also, these wonderful diverse dads of ours can fall into several of these categories at the same time, so please pick and choose from as many categories as you like THIS IS MEANT TO BE FUN.

Before I forget, in like of everything happening in the world right now, I'm doing my part by offering free face mask patters for download.

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