You too can sew this amazing double welt pocket in minutes

29 October 2020


I'm sewwwwww delighted about what we are going to learn today.

Today is all about welt pockets, and, not just any 'ol welt pocket, but double welt pockets.
And if you didn't know already, they're double welts because the pockets have 2 lips/welts at the opening. 
Alternatively there are also single welt pockets which have only 1 welt/lip at the opening. 

Since this one is going to be a patch pocket, it'll be lined. But you can skip the lining if yours won't be a patch pocket.

Welt pockets just scream "look at me, I'm all fancy with my sewing now" 😂😂😂😂

And with this technique I'm going to be showing you for this double welt pocket (with lining 😉 ) you can truly let your creativity shine through. 
By getting really creative with the shape of the welts and the openings.

Or with the fabrics you use. 
You can switch up the pattern of the fabric used for the welts or if you're sewing with directional fabrics you can have a play with the positioning.

Ohhhhhh so many options, so little time.

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