#MEMADEMAY2019: DAY 6/31

14 June 2019

Hey peeps,

For me, I think this is my best and properly made woven pencil skirt.

I finally got my fit nailed down.

Most people think all there is to sewing, is just, SEWING..... and maybe some pattern drafting thrown in to round things up.

But if you sew, you know how incorrect this is, fabric choice & FITTTTTTTTTTT is so crucial to a complete make.

In this skirt, I figured that my darts need to be longer than the industry standard and I need 4 darts in the front so that my skirt has smoother curves.

Anyway, this is pretty much my office uniform, LOL. What's yours, if you have any?

But catch you guys on my next MEMADEMAY post.

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