#MEMADEMAY2019: DAY 10/31

22 May 2019

Hey peeps,

This is the second week of  #memademay2019.

It was so hot today I was glad to have this light airy dress. I don't really know about fabrics but I think this is some sort of gauze fabric, I don't think it's cheesecloth though, dunno why, it just feels like gauze to me.

Can I just be honest with you guys and say, this is the second time I'm wearing this dress since I made it.
But I got so many compliments from it this 2nd time around, more than the first time, I'm stunned especially since I'm not so sure what it is about this dress but I don't like it on me, SMHHHHH.

Anyways, all the compliments have inspired me to give it another try.

I'm not going to say much about it because there's going to be a blog post (already written most of it, just laziness holding things up) where I go into details about the dress.

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