#MEMADEMAY2019: DAY 9/31

22 May 2019

Hey peeps,
For this week of #memademay, I have for the first time worn separates that are both me made, and this is the type of vibe I want for future #memademays and for my wardrobe eventually.

I wouldn't even mind including underwear, sleepwear, sports wears, handbags, etc. 

Now, for the outfits.

The top I made a longgggg while ago, I wear it loads and I remember I saw this fashion & style youtuber showing tops she'd bought from H&M and I looked at the top and thought HMMMMMMM

“I can make that”

The skirt I made much later on, but, it was my first knit project and for the first time I understood what other sewist meant when they said: "oh this is a quick make".

I never used to get it because everything took me so long to make and I sewed with woven mostly.

So, yeah, this was a super quick make in my world, it took me only an hour, from cutting to the last stitch. And why wouldn't it LOL, it's got no darts or lining, just the skirt.

My twin needle also made an appearance in the sewing of this skirt.

As I pulled out the skirt to wear, I was reminded that I need more of these types of pencil skirts in my life especially as they're so quick to sew up.

I've already bought some black, cream and animal print knit fabrics to sew up some more skirts.

I'll be sure to blog about them when they're all sewn up.

Also, if you look closely you'll see that this entire outfit is what I'm wearing in my author page on the blog and it's also my youtube thumbnail LOL.

See you guys on my next me made outfit.

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