What's a Sewing blog without a Sewing Machine Review??????????

7 October 2017

This was the first ever sewing related video I posted on my youtube page, which later on led me to revive the blog.
It's a review of my sewing machine which I have been using for over three years now.

You guys are going to have to overlook a WHOLEEEEEEEEEE lot. LOL.

Have you heard of this brand before? what are your thoughts on it? Do you sew?
Let's have a conversation in the comment section.
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If you have any other question, pls feel free to ask, I'd be glad to help.

OHHHH if you are interested in other functions of this machine, check here where I'm using a twin needle on it.

On youtube I actually have a playlist for this sewing machine, so be sure to check it out.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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