27 January 2018

It's another sewing challenge video HURAYYYYYYYYYYY, I  think these challenges and tags that go along with them, bring the sewing community together, make us more visible to each other and makes our own corner of the big wide internet just that brighter.

There are so many tag challenges going on in the sewing world right now, more will come but for now, I am only took taking part in the #newyearseSEWlutions tag and this one, well........... there's another one making it 3 in total but I haven't talked about it on here, just Instagram.

I really should do a post on the various tags challenges going on, not just the ones I'm participating in, in case anyone reading this might be interested or know someone who might be.

On that note, I leave you with this goody. Let me know what you think of my fabric selections and styles, I'd love to hear.



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