Face of Africa 2008

10 January 2009


its me again ur fav blogger, chi9ja. so so so sorry for the long absence and not getting you guys up to speed on things, m here now so pls forgive and forget.
i know the mnet face of Africa 2008 is over now, finished sometime in November but for all u guys who missed out on the exciting catwalk shows n all, here it is, or at least some of it.

and then there where ten ....................
and then there were five ..................
and three ...............
and of course the final winner .

her in pics
another video of the top ten strutting their stuff of the catwalk
all the girls looked beautiful, my only quarrel is y the hell didn't they have earrings on half the time????????     i also wanna congratulate Alli and madame oluchi for doing such bang up jobs. 1 9ja for eva.
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