5 December 2008

hey guys,

sorry i haven't been around in a while, I've been ill plus work etc etc, anyway too much to do and there neva seems to be enuff hours in d day.

so m here to let you guys into what i hear recently. for those of you who r into American TV series, i just watched the 8th episode of the 1st season entitled "titan" of a hot new American show by Jerry bruckheimer(csi) called eleventh hour. anyway the reason why i am dragging this out is cos in the scene where the two black guys are playing the xbox, d song in the background is by a 9ja artist known as proto who is being fronted by eldee the don, the song is called one in a million.

just wanted to let you all know that 9ja is doing it for you guys again. unfortunately i don't have a link to his website(datz if he even has 1), he's defo not on face book as a musician but you can check the song out on YouTube, ok?
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