How To Sew An A - Line Dress 2 - Sewing

3 February 2020

Hey you,

A continuation of our A-line dress is what this blog post is about today.

You didn't think I was going to leave you all alone, did you? 😀

In the first part, you learned how to take measurements, draft your dress pattern on your fabric of choice and cut it out, right?

I hope you are ready for sewing the pieces together because that's what this second part is all about.

Thinking, this is the hard part and your sewing will be fraught with mistakes? 

Fear not( in my best captain of the ship's voice) for that is why I'm here.

One of the major reasons why I choose this tutorial and why this dress is so good for you to try sewing is because it has simple style lines that are super beginner-friendly.

I hope you find this video easy to follow.

And after you're done watching, don't wait, join our fabulous family of sewists by dropping your email address.


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