Signups For #MEMADEMAY2019

2 April 2019

   Hello everyone,

I've been so looking forward to this post.

The sign-up for #memademade2019 has begun.

For those who don't know what #memademay is all about, lemme fill you in.

It's a sewing activity that has been happening during the month of May for a couple of years now, and, it takes the sewing world by storm.
You take/make a pledge of your choice to wear your self-sewn garments however number of times a week for the month of May.
The creator of this activity Zoe Edwards is very clear that it is not a photo challenge (even tho Instagram gets bombarded with pics of people wearing their genius makes 😂😂😂😂, can you tell I'm excited & I love it?) or any challenge of the sort, there aren't even any prizes.
It's really just a means to make sewist wear more of their makes.

Now I'm extra super excited because I've been planning this since last year.

It was one of the contributing reasons to my sewing challenge I created #RYRTW2019 Remake Your RTW(ready to wear, also called store-bought clothes).

Though at this point in time I feel it's necessary to be open and honest and say I've only finished 1 of my 6 items, the second one is about 75% finished, I've just lost my sewjo for like a week plus now.

Now, as you can tell from my pledge there, I'm keeping things pretty simple my first time out.
I'll only be wearing something me made at least twice in a week, but it could be more.
I'll definitely be posting my makes on Instagram so you can check me out there, but I'm also thinking of doing photo posts on here too, mostly because I saw one of my fav style bloggers doing it.
It might get me into blogging more frequently than I am now.


But, signups have begun, at Zoe's blog, so head over there & also to find out more info.

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