22 February 2018

In today's post, I'm talking about the essential clothing wardrobe pieces every woman needs. they are essential because everything else can be based on them and if these were your only item of clothing you'd still be fine, OK?

And since this is mostly a sewing blog, I'll have some sewing patterns(which I will make clickable) to accompany the items.

OK, let's get to it............


            The basic white t-shirts are a staple in any country or season.

 They are quick to just throw on over jeans, under a blazer or even tucked into a pencil skirt.

Find the neck cut(round, v-neck etc) and fit( tight, slim fit baggy etc) you like or that flatters you. And you're golden.

 Some patterns I like for sewing up this item are



AHHHHHHHHHH the little black dress or LBD needs no introduction.

You could have one for day and night, dress it up with some heels and red lipstick or dress it down with some flats or trainers it's your choice really.

Find a length and silhouette that works for you though.

You can pick up and dress sewing pattern just sew it up with all black fabric.

 But I want to tell you guys about a book I can't wait to get my hands on, you should get it for yourselves to try your hands on some iconic LBDs.


This next essential clothing item choice will depend a great deal on your weather situation.

If you live in an all summer environment like myself, then, a light/medium weight denim shirt is for you.
 The jackets can be strictly outerwear while the denim shirt can be buttoned up or left unbuttoned and act like outerwear.

These are great because you can throw them over a top or a t-shirt and still look stylish. they can also be dressed up or down.

Sewing patterns include

Also, mood sewciety has a free moto jacket sewing pattern and BurdaStyle has a free biker jacket (with plus size variations) sew-a-long that you could sign up for

Jeans are so versatile and a staple in any wardrobe, however, the dark wash blue denim is a winner every time.

 To make this count as your wardrobe essential though, these cannot be a low rise or too high rise, a good mid-rise pair is what you need. they can go with your basic tee, and you can wear them with your jackets and blazers too. 
And as with all things find the cut(bootcut, skinny, flared etc) that best suits your body shape or that you feel most comfortable wearing.

Here are some sewing patterns. 

The MiMiG and Ginger jeans have sew-a-longs.


Tailored in this instance means, it has to fit properly.

A blazer is a tried and true go to for more formal events, you can look all smart and put together with just this outerwear. Wear it with jeans or black tailored pants with a t-shirt underneath.

Decide which style fits you most(single or double breasted etc) and watch your style scream confidence to the people around you.

Any blazer sewing pattern will do, just make sure to sew it up in black.

Did you agree with this list? or sign up for the free sew-a-longs? are there other items you think should have made the cut? 

Check out the PART 2 to see if they made it.



  1. This stuff is just stunning. Even I cracked a fantastic deal on the Leggings for my workout sessions. The waistband is very comfy and it is wide. The higher waist feature holds in my fat stomach really well. I am now looking for a stylish top too to pair up with that.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. no longer to say, hemp, organic cotton and bamboo sense so comfy! the sensation of the fabrics towards your pores and skin is natural softness.  Dezayno


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