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4 March 2009

Hiya guys,

So a couple of days ago a friend of mine ( Nigerian) met with this guy (Zimbabwean), who, believe me was ecstatic to make the acquaintance of Nigerians. So, he came in, sat down, we offered tea and all what not....... and out off habit we switched to pidgin english. After a while, feeling scared and guilty (cos we were talking about him of course) i asked, "do u understand pidgin english?" lol, just in case he heard all that i had been saying about him, and he replied no.

To cut a long story short, i as a 9ja and ever proud of my heritage started bragging that pidgin english originated 4rm 9ja, and that this(pidgin english) and jollof rice where just a few of the gifts 9ja had given to the world, lol lol lol.

The poor guy not even knowing what pidgin english was could not contest my story. I on the other hand thot of you guys and decided to further increase ur knowledge. So str8 to my laptop, and onto trusty wikipedia. Imagine my utter shock and surprise when i found out that 9ja is not the originator of pidgin english. Don't believe me? here is proof.

Okay so what if we didn't invent pidgin english, all i kw is that we popularised it, made it an IN thing, answer me this, who made it fashionable to sing with pidgin english ehhhhh? make una tell me oooo. I rest my case.




  1. Lol, I too used to think Jollof rice originated from 9ja :D

  2. @ cappuccine baby
    according to wikipedia 9ja(d gr8, neva 2 carry last) is also 1 of d founding father of this glourious meal, i betcha if u ask gambians they can't even remember d meal sef.
    but trust 9ja 2 take this meal,reinvent and speard it back 2 d world. lol.
    oh n by d way thanks for ur comments and visiting.

  3. Looool, abi o, 9ja has even spiced it up for them, they should be grateful :D

    No problem dear1


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